10 Secrets to Growing Black Hair Long and Fast

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How can I make my hair grow longer? Can black hair grow to waist length? What can I apply to my hair to enhance growth? Is my hair growing at all? Could it be my genes? I bet that as a Naturalist, you have asked one, if not all of these questions.

We’ have all experienced moments when it feels like everyone else’s hair is flourishing except ours. Scrolling through Instagram, your favorite natural hair icon proudly displays her long locks, and you can’t help but wonder if achieving the same is possible for you.

Often, after experimenting with various hair products, adhering to specific hair care rules, and seeing no noticeable ‘results,’ many women feel discouraged. Some label Black hair ‘unmanageable’ and ‘difficult,’ and, unfortunately, there’s a misconception that Black hair cannot grow.

How wrong could they be?

As a matter of fact, Black hair can grow to your desired length. The texture and nature of kinky hair do not affect growth in anyway. How you handle it though, can affect the overall length of your hair.

I´ll be sharing, 10 ways to grow black hair long and fast. Let´s get your hair to its desired length.

Proven Secrets to Achieving Your Desired Hair Length

10 Secrets to Growing Black Hair long and fast

1. Fight Hair Breakage

I had to use “fight” to show you how serious I am about this, and how important this point is. In fact, if conquering hair breakage is all you can do after now, you can be rest assured that you´ll begin to notice your hair getting longer.

The truth is that your hair is constantly growing (except you have specific scalp issues like alopecia). The number one reason why you will not notice any growth is due to BREAKAGE.

How to stop Hair Breakage

You’ll most certainly find ways to stop breakage among my other posts, but for the sake of this topic, I would outline a few ways that you can stop your hair from breaking.

a. Moisturize properly before detangling

I thought we had all agreed that we don’t comb our hair when it is dry, but unfortunately, I discovered that many Naturalists still try to comb through very dry hair. This causes your hair to break and gives you a very painful detangling process. You don’t want that.

The next time you want to detangle your hair, get a good leave-in conditioner and give your hair the needed moisture. Your hair will thank you. And most importantly, it won´t break.

b. Use proper detangling tools

Your detangling tools also matter a lot. You have to find the best comb that suits your hair type. For type 4 hair (4a, 4b, and 4c), you´ll need to use a wide tooth comb to detangle.

c. Finger detangle

When your hair is really tangled up and super matted, you don’t have to start detangling with a comb immediately. You should gently detangle with your fingers first to separate the tangles before proceeding with your comb. This will save your hair from a whole lot of breakage.

2. Use hair growth oils

Hair growth oils are very beneficial for hair growth. To use them, apply the oil to your SCALP, and massage with your fingers. This helps to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, promoting a healthier scalp environment that supports more hair growth.

You can use oils such as castor oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, argan oil, or any named hair growth oil (which is usually a combination of two or more oils).

3. Protective Styling

To grow your hair longer, you must be very cautious about the kind of hairstyles you make. Avoid hairstyles that pull too hard on your scalp. Excessively tight hairstyles can lead to alopecia and hair shedding.

Also, endeavor to make more hairstyles that protect the ends of your hair. This is very important, especially during harsh weather seasons.

4. Try Ayurveda Herbs

Ayurveda herbs have been used for many years to improve hair growth. Such herbs include neem, fenugreek, amla, e.t.c. You can incorporate these Ayurveda herbs into your hair regimen.

5. Trimming

Calm down. I know this seems like a contradiction. You´re here because you want to grow your hair longer. And I am here telling you to trim your hair. I´m sure it sounds crazy to you. But then, to have healthy hair and achieve the desired length, you´ll indeed need to trim your ends at some point.

Trimming is necessary to get rid of split ends, which causes severe breakage. When you eliminate split ends, breakage is reduced, and your hair looks healthier. Trimming should not be done every time. You should only trim when you notice split ends on your hair.

6. Avoid the use of too much heat or Chemicals

Much use of heat can cause damage to your hair. Before applying heat to your hair, learn the proper ways to do so and use a heat protectant.

Also, many chemicals are harmful for our hair. Chemicals such as dyes can dry out your hair, causing thinning. Before trying out any product, ensure it is safe for you and your hair.

7. Proper care of scalp

I hope you remember that your hair grows out from your scalp. You´ll need a very healthy scalp to maintain proper hair growth. To care for your scalp, you must shampoo regularly and effectively, oil your scalp, massage your scalp, and keep your hair accessories clean.

8. Proper use of hair tools

Hair tools are meant to make our hair care and hair styling process easier. But it can mar your hair if you do not know how to use a tool.

You should know the exact function of each hair tool you possess. A rat tail comb should not be used to detangle. A blow dryer should be used with care. A flat iron shouldn’t be used excessively or too often.

9. Low Manipulation

Have you noticed that ladies or men with locs experience faster hair growth over time? It´s simply because they do not over-manipulate their hair.
To maintain proper hair growth, avoid over-manipulation of your hair. Learn to keep your hands off your hair. Do not change your hairstyle every single day. Allow your hair to breathe.

10. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is important for growth in every part of your body, including your hair. Incorporate vitamins and minerals into your diet, especially vitamins that support hair growth and health, such as vitamin E, biotin, iron, etc.

Congratulations. You’ve gotten to this point. By now, I am sure that you have learnt how to grow your hair faster and achieve your desired hair length. Implement what you have learnt, and your hair will thank you.

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