Mac Studio Fix foundation Review

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Hi people! It’s been a bit with my reviews but you can always count on me to bring you insight into amazing cosmetic products available in the market. 

Today I bring you a golden gem from the Mac brand. I recently only started keying into this product, and I can say for a fact that it is worth every penny

Let me commence with my Mac story! 

My Mac studio Fix Liquid Foundation story

Now I have a quick story to tell about my acquaintance with this particular foundation. After longing for this gem for too long, I finally got my cousin to help me with the purchase from one of the Sephora Canada stores and get it shipped to me somehow over here in Africa.  I had given her the shade match NW45 as the shade to purchase and was super expectant to unite with my luxury foundation.

Fast forward to gettting my item, I painfully realized that what she got me was the Mac studio fix foundation alright but in the shade NC45. Fam! permit me to say……..”I cried and I crode”

So the issue here was that the NC 45 which she got me, has a cool undertone {looks a bit too pink} as opposed to the NW45 which has a warmer undertone, and that matches perfectly with my warm/golden skin undertone.

Unfortunately, I had to make it work somehow by mixing it with a foundation that has a warm/golden undertone, until I could lay my hands on the NW45. That did the trick and I suceeded in matching  it perfectly to my skin as can be seen in the picture below. 

Now let’s get to the proper review guys and in usual style, we would be starting with the foundation’s appearance. 


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It comes in a black petite pack with orange wordens written across it . The words on the pack tell you all you need to know about this product such as the fact that it contains the Sun protective factor {SPF 15} which is fair but in my opinion not enough to be substituted for a sun screen. 

It has a total volume of 1.0fl oz/30 mls and it’s ingredients are boldly stated on the pack, we are also warned to keep this foundation out of the reach of kids and to prevent the foundation from being applied to broken skin. The big question though is, does it leave up to its promises?


So let’s take each promise in strides 

  • Buidable full coverage
  • Matte finish
  • Oil/shine control 
  • 24 hours wear

These four solid promises, serve as cosmetic wins for every oily skin baby girl! A foundation that has a full buildable coverage, dries matte, keeps the oil at bay and has a long wear property! Yes please!

However, are the Mac crew true to their words? We would find out in a bit. First let me give a quick note on the smell of this foundation. 

Now this product smells far from roses and petals, however it isn’t pungent either. It does have a distinct cosmetic smell when put close to the nose but on application it usually goes unnoticed. 

It would please you to know that MAC came through with each promise guys.

Yes it has a Full buildable coverage, and it dries matte while still giving you ample time to blend properly. It did the most with shine control and my make up stayed fresh all day long. 

Of course I didn’t wear my face beat for the full 24 hrs, however, I did wear it for up to half of the stipulated stay time {12hrs} and it kept to its end of the bargain. The only con I noticed about it however is that it isn’t transfer proof, as it gives off product when smeared on any surface such as a phone. Any great setting spray however could switch it up and make it transfer proof. 

The shade NW45, which I eventually got did justice to my skin shade/tone and it is absolutely gorgeous! 

Y’all know I love to pour out all the knowledge I have  right? Find below the  full shade range and undertones for Mac Studio fix liquid foundation. 

NB : N stands for Neutral, W for Warm and C for cool. These letters in front of each shade indicate the true undertone of each foundation. 

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Now as far as rating is concerned, Illd give the MAC studio fix foundation a solid 8.5 out of 10 because it does come through with what the manufacturers promise. 

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