How to do a ‘wash and go’ 4c hair Edition

wash and go 4c hair

Hey y’all! it’s been a moment with the hair posts. Today we would be tearing apart the wash and go concept, especially for natural new bees who are clueless about wash and go. I know I was at the beginning of my journey. Sometimes, I still laugh and reminisce about how clueless I was back then on the wash and go concept.

Somehow in my oblivous mind, I assumed it was exactly as the name suggested which is, to wash the hair and leave it in the washed state. Boy was I wrong! 

Though the wash and go process certainly involves washing the coils, it goes beyond just washing the hair and leaving it to fate. Ill’d explain the full concept in a bit, but let’s commence with a proper definition. 

What is a ‘Wash and go”

Simply put, a wash and go is a style born from carefully washing, conditioning and styling your coils without the use of heat or excessive manupilation. I do hope you caught the emphasis on styling. To successfully complete a wash and go, there is a need to style right after your wash/conditioning with the appropriate products{ most times gel products}

We would get into juicy details and product suggestions in this post.

It’s without doubt one of the famous low maintenance coily hairstyles. How well the style holds up, depends greatly on the products used as well as the care / protection of them coils while you sleep at night.

Steps to achieving a perfect wash and go

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  1. The first thing to do is to prepare your hair for washing with a good scalp oil, also known as pre- shampoo {pre poo} at least 30 mins – an hour before getting into the shower for a hair wash. This is to prevent the scalp from drying out after using a shampoo. 
  2. Next, you go in with a sulfate free cleansing shampoo to remove dirt and impurities then rinse out with water. 
  3. Load up on your deep conditioner and steam if necessary to allow the conditioner sink in before rinsing out.
  4. Wait for the hair to get damp { half way between wet and dry } and go in with any suitable leave in conditioner of choice 
  5. Finally, and most important, apply a good styling gel all through the coils, from roots to ends.
  6. Get back into the shower to get the hair wet { please note that you aren’t rinsing out the conditioner or styling gel though}
  7. Air dry your wet hair 
  8. Your amazing wash and go should be set to mesmerize. Just remember to protect well with a silk bonnet or pineapple scarf style before going to bed for longevity.

Ten styling gels that work great for a wash and go in no particular order

  1. Miche beauty set gel to hold styling mousse
  2. Aunt Jackie’s Curls And Coils Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel
  3. Tgin – Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel For Natural Hair
  4. Mielle Organics honey and ginger styling gel
  5. Cantu’s Avocado Hydrating Styling Gel
  6. Shea Moisture’s Coconut Custard Make It Last Wash N’Go Defining Gel-Oil
  7. Cantù’s grape seed styling strengthening gel
  8. Eco styler olive oil styling gel
  9. As I am curling gel
  10. camille rose curl maker

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