How to properly trim weak/Split 4c ends (Regaining control)

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Join me as I shed hot tears for dealing my hair strands some injustice guys! Instead of hair progress, I was served regression in its full regalia for being head strong and stubborn. 

This just goes to show that no one really is perfect and that we all make mistakes sometimes. The important thing however is learning from your mistakes and doing better. 

I always scream,  and even made a post about the importance of getting rid of split ends as soon as they are noticed. I would usually tell everyone……’let go of them weak ends so they don’t hinder your growth.’ 

Guess who did not take her advice? Me y’all! Let me give a back story for better understanding.

Story time! 

So, the last time I got a proper hair trim prior to this mishap was about a year ago when I installed my yearly knotless braids. Boy was I on top of the world! Illd share a video of the installation process, I have the video on you tube. 

 After the knotless braid experience my hair made tremendous progress! I mean I could see and appreciate the length retention. However as months passed,  I knew another trim was seriously knocking on my door,  but I sort of had cold feet and decided to space it out. I surpassed the 6 months time frame and continued to delude myself about having no split ends. 

Just in case you never knew, split ends are those frayed hair tips that have split into two or more parts due to dryness or damage. It’s easy to get rid of split ends by cutting them off

I guess my real issue was running away from those “scissors happy hair stylists” in most salons. Those people be tripping and oblivious to the stress of length retention so much so , that they cut off more hair than is actually required.

I occasionally throw on my cloak of delusion by attempting to search for them weak ends myself and cut it off. Almost like a point and kill sort of affair.  Now that I look back, I would call the decision being one pound foolish and one penny wise! 

In summary, I wasn’t doing nothing for my weak ends! I also went about it the absolute wrong way by failing to stretch out my coils before going in with the scissors, and of course I was too chicken at heart to actually cut off that much hair in the name of length retention. Let me tell you what I did wrong and how I intend to do better going forward.

Steps to properly trimming your 4c hair. 

  1. The first step to properly trimming your 4c hair is identifying its need. What I mean is, recognizing the tell tale signs of weak/Split ends.

    This usually come in the form of overly dry hair, difficult to style curls despite regular product applications, visible thinning of the ends and inability of the coils to curl back up. I had the signs y’all but I ignored them and continued to procrastinate. Don’t be like me y’all.
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2. The second step is identifying who would be in the best position to give you a well deserved trim. You could honestly do it yourself if you are equipped with the key knowledge (I wasn’t) or opt for a professional hair stylist who isn’t scissors happy. 

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3. Now, the mistake I made doing it myself was being delusional and claiming to recognize my split ends without first blowing out /straightening my hair. It was honestly a disaster. I would say if you ask me, that stretching or blow out your 4c hair would definitely help you with identifying your split ends better 

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4. After stretching out your coils, another key note that would help your trimming experience is dividing your hair into mini sections for ease of working. These sections shouldn’t be too big or tiny. Do it in sizes as can be seen from the picture below.

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5. Finally, use sharp scissors only please as using one that is blunt may be detrimental to your goal and give you even more split ends.

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6. The final step is to continue caring for your hair after your trim and mentally buckle up the next couple of months when your coils might need a re- trim. Put in a protective style and continue the LOC/LCO movement.

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    Thats it guys, I hope that with these few points of mine, you get the hair trimming right and don’t make the same mistakes that I did. Ciao. 

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