10 Healthy Meal Recipes To Aid Your Fitness Journey 

Thomas Edison once said, “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition”. Fitness is the state of health and general well-being. It is no secret that what you eat plays a role in this. Ongoing research even states that food can affect mental health. Therefore, your fitness is affected by your diet. Several foods can aid a person’s journey to fitness. Here are ten easy-to-make ones. 

Quinoa and black bean salad

This combination has been described to be a “superfood power couple”. Quinoa and black beans are one of the best sources of plant-based protein. Adding black beans, which is a protein, to quinoa, which is a whole grain, makes a complete protein. 

The synergistic activity of the two foods makes it one of the healthiest fiber-containing meals. Even more, this salad is rich in flavor and requires little effort to put together. 

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Salmon avocado roll

This is a protein-packed, high-fiber meal for more excellent fitness. If you love sushi, you’ll love this one as well. Avocados and salmon are two foods commonly listed for enhancing fitness. Having the two as a single meal gives double the effect. 

Both contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help to maintain healthy eyes and brains. 

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Zucchini noodles with pesto

Eating healthy is not always about what not to eat. Sometimes, scratch that. Most times, it is about what you add to your meal to increase its nutrient content. That’s the case with zucchini noodles. 

Popular knowledge is that noodles are not one of the healthiest foods out there. But garnishing it with ingredients like zucchini and pesto makes it much healthier.

Zucchini is a vegetable that has high antioxidant properties and improves eye health. It looks like a cucumber but unlike a cucumber, it is mildly sweet. It also has a flavor-absorbing effect that makes it twice as good when cooked with noodles. Pesto is also a good antioxidant known for its anti-skin-aging effects. 

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Greek yogurt parfait 

For healthier bones and teeth, take yogurt. It is rich in calcium and protein. Greek yogurt is even richer in protein and contains less sugar. It also regulates your gut health. Because of its probiotic content, it helps to facilitate digestion. Greek yogurt also helps in weight loss and maintaining a healthy heart.

Layers of berries and granola added to the Greek yogurt make it much more delicious. 

If you are lactose-intolerant, you may want to try out other alternatives, like soy milk yogurts.  

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Buddha bowl 

A Buddha bowl is a vegetarian (or vegan) recipe that consists of different foods in small portions. 

The five major components of this meal are whole grains, proteins, vegetables, toppings, and dressing. Packed with most nutrients the body requires, this balanced meal enriches your body and keeps you full for a longer time than most foods. 

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Grilled lemon herb chicken 

Lean meat is the best type of meat for a person working towards fitness. This type of meat is low in visible and saturated fats (dangerous fats). It, however, has the disadvantage of being dry and tough, but this is nothing that a good marination process wouldn’t fix. 

Examples of lean meat include chicken breasts, venison, turkey breasts, and sirloin. 

Grilling your meat is also a healthy way of cooking it. Frying is not always the best choice, especially for people with cholesterol issues, and boiling can sometimes subdue the flavor of the meat. 

Grilling, on the other hand, is a low-fat cooking method that also preserves the natural flavours of whatever is being cooked. An alternative is air frying or oven-baking.  

Adding herb (usually mint) improves this meal’s digestive and immune health benefits. 

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Wholegrain cereal 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast is more likely to lead to a healthier life. Wholegrain cereal works best as a breakfast meal, but it also comes in handy when you need a quick snack.  

It contains many essential vitamins and minerals. Unlike regular cereal, it has more protein and fiber, making it more filling. 

Furthermore, it gives you the energy –and the right amount –needed to go about your activities of the day. 

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If you are going to get fit and stay fit, intermittent snacking may have to go. But just in case you’re finding that difficult to part with, keeping a bag of nuts with you is the solution. 

Nuts like pistachios, almonds, and peanuts, provide enough fiber to keep you full for long periods and reduce frequent snacking. This contributes to healthy weight loss. It is also a healthier snack option than candy, cookies, or chips. 

Nuts can also contain all the nutrients and minerals your body requires for high activity. Studies also show a link between consumption of nuts and better cardiac health. 

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Mango and shrimp lettuce wraps

Real shrimp eaters know that it tastes good with any food. Because it is light, it is perfect for an evening meal. It is also easily digested, reducing the risk of acid reflux or other digestion-related issues. 

For a pregnant woman, this trio does more than ensure your fitness. It also provides that of a growing fetus. Mangos and shrimps aid healthy growth and development while lettuce prevents neural tube defects.  

Delight yourself with this unconventional lettuce wrap recipe, while maintaining your fitness goals. 

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Egg white and vegetable omelet

Remember our spinach frittata recipe? The egg white vegetable omelet is similar, but it is thinner, not baked, and uses only egg whites.

Egg yolk contains good cholesterol but when overeaten, it could put one at risk of a heart defect. Egg whites, on the other hand, are heart-friendly. That is, they pose no danger to your heart health. This is because they contain little or no cholesterol. They are also protein-rich.  

The combination of egg whites and vegetables is a great way of increasing protein and cutting down calorie intake 


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