Huda beauty foundation review

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Foundations like their name imply, are the building blocks of every flawless face beat. Get your foundation shade and undertone right and your make up process would become a breeze! 

Now, I have been and I am still in the business of searching for the perfect foundation for my combination (Oily) skin. The Huda beauty (faux filter) foundation made a debut in my search journey recently, and I am here to spill the tea. But first a brief on the product appearance and promises.


The Huda beauty (fauxfilter, Luminous matte) foundation comes in a small black pack, which is properly sealed with the “Huda beauty” print boldly written on it. The prints adorn the pack with bold white and shiny pink colours as can be seen in the pictures. On the pack, we also have all the product details required such as the product weight, ingredient list and product promises. 

The pack further opens to our product which fills the glass like, somewhat plastic rectangular bottle with a pump for dispensing.  It has a total net weight of 1.18 FL OZ (35mls)

Yes you saw right, this product has a “glass- like” plastic bottle. What I mean is that, at first glance you could almost pass it for glass, however when you touch it, you realize it is only plastic; but very solid plastic. I honestly think this is a plus. While the glass like look gives it a sophisticated feel, it comes in an unbreakable plastic bottle.

So if you are someone that could get clumsy sometimes, this feature would definitely make you happy! The chances of breaking your foundation bottle just reduced to zero!

Moving on, let’s quickly examine the product promises before I tell you “My Huda beauty story” 

Product Promises

The manufacturers of this product dish out some really heavy promises y’all! They claim that this product is a full coverage liquid foundation with a luminous matte finish. 

Now pay attention to the super heavy promises people! It says Life proof, water proof, 24 hr wear, transfer proof, Fade proof, sweat proof and humidity proof. Finally the product manufacturers claim that it gives a non- comedogenic flawless filtered finish. 

My expectations were high y’all.  I would like to share my Huda beauty experience with you before giving my final and honest verdict. 

My Huda beauty Story!

So guys, my hubby’s sister tied the knot recently, and I couldn’t wait to turn up! I made plans to slay my beat all by myself. I wanted something fresh and exciting, so I decided to settle for the Huda beauty faux filter luminous foundation based on the reviews I had gotten from fellow make up artists. 

This time, I somehow failed to do my detailed investigation/ research on the product before it’s purchase. This hardly ever happens! Let’s just say I trusted the opinion of my fellow make up artists a bit too much, but with good reason. 

Before I forget to mention, this foundation didn’t come cheap Fam! I purchased the shade nutmeg as directed by my friend for 33 thousand Naira ( about 39 US dollars) owing to shipping fees and what not. However if you reside in the US, you won’t have to pay this much. 

My first ever trial of the product was on the D-day ( my sister – in – law’s) wedding. 

I got up at around 5am to give enough room for slaying my beat. I did my regular skin prep, nothing too serious, coz I mean, I had a power foundation which was guaranteed to last the whole day, or so I thought. 

Everything seemed to be going fine and I feel like I did a pretty decent job. The shade “nut Meg,” as suggested by my friend was a good match. Illd attach a few pictures and videos. However there was an important detail I missed about this foundation. 

As a combination ( oily skin) girl, it was all shades of embarrassing after 8hrs when the bridge of my nose became an oil zone! Fam, I ain’t seen nothing like this before! 

However in all fairness, they gave no promises about keeping the oil at bay, so I don’t hold that against them. I was the one who failed to do my home work/research. 

Now to the Foundation effects they did promise

I would take them one stride after the other. 

  1. Full coverage; This foundation is most definitely full coverage guys. Very little of this product covers the face so flawlessly and hides imperfections to a large extent. They told no lies with this. 
  2. Luminous matte finish: Well, illd say this foundation dried matte and was not ashy. The luminous effect wasn’t something I particularly noticed though or put much attention to because my moisturizer and liquid highlight were already in play with luminousity.
  3. Life proof; In all honesty, I don’t know what the manufacturers mean by life proof my darlings! However if you have an idea by any chance, please help a sister. I would skip giving a verdict on this as I am a bit confused as to what this life proof effect suggests.
  4. Water and sweat proof: I don’t want to be mean or rude guys, but I am almost rolling in laughter and tears with this one. I can tell you that on the day  I used this foundation, I broke out sweating y’all! In all fairness though I was super active on that day. However I had high expectations which weren’t met
  5. Transfer and humidity proof: Like guys seriously! If the product could not deliver the transfer proof promise, why would the manufacturers put it so boldly on its pack! I was flabbergasted, the transfer was real, although it was not too bad compared to some other foundations I have used in the past. So illd conclude by saying, it isn’t transfer proof as it definitely gives off minimal product especially with sweat. 
  6. Flawless filtered finish; Yeah, illd say they delivered to an extent with this, nothing too extraordinary though. 

Pictures with my face beat, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures when the oils kicked in, the fatigue after the wedding was real. The third picture though captured the sweat saga I referred to earlier in the post.

My Conclusion/rating

So guys, of the 6 promises made, illd say that about 3 were solidly delivered, with exception of the life proof promise that I struggled to understand. 

Another important detail is that with this particular use, it didn’t do much to control my T-zone oil. I would however give Huda beauty the benefit of doubt and say that maybe the story would have been different if I did my solid combination/oily skin prep like I do with other regular foundations. It’s just that I expected so much from the Huda foundation, that I did the bearest minimum. 

With all that has been said and done, illd rate this foundation a 6 for now based on my first time experience. 

I would however be trying it again with an oil proof skin prep, in a video review both here and also on YouTube. My darlings, be sure to get my update as soon as the video drops by subscribing to our newsletter. Stay blessed guys!

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