Diary of a heart broken Nigerian!

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Being a Nigerian as far as I am concerned  is one of life’s hardest blows. It doesn’t matter how sincere or kind you are at heart, you are commonly generalized by foreigners as a fraudster, liar and all round terrible human. This is aside your skin colour which already began the unfavorable play ground long before your birth. 

You are then subjected to suffer for sins others committed in a bid to enrich their purses. These callous humans with usurped powers, care very little about the masses.  They are experts at accumulating debts for the Country, and these debts are usually unaccounted for. The living conditions steady become unbearable and the brutes in question do absolutely nothing to salvage the situation. Instead, they tell us to endure and successfully ruin our already meagre hope of respite. 

I sometimes ask God, why Nigeria? Of all the countries and races in this world! But one thing I have come to realize is that God knows best. It’s not all bad though, my Nigerian Husband, parents, sibling and close family members are one of the best a baby girl could ever ask for. They love so selflessly and make me happy to be a part of their beautiful family. 

Where the problem lies however, is how we are perceived by the world. It is the opportunities that are stolen from us, even with our undeniable merits. Time and time again, I have seen diligent Nigerians vier for positions and get instantly denied (low key) as a result of their nationality. It is really depressing to say the least. 

I tell you for a fact that Nigerians in diaspora, have to work 10 times harder than their counterparts to prove themselves worthy in most work environments. Unfortunately, I can’t say I blame the foreigners much. A couple of Nigerians who have imbibed and displayed the corrupt mentality severally in a bid to survive the country’s ever deplorable living conditions have proven themselves unworthy of trust. 

Yes, the conditions are terrible, but it is definitely no excuse for uncouth or dubious behavior. These bad eggs/ miscreants have tainted the almost non existent favourable image of Nigerians that ever existed.

Sometimes, I weep when I think about where my country is headed, and the mentality of those currently running it. But then I remember that the battle isn’t for the faint at heart, I leave it all to the One who can right every wrong, even without human intervention. 

For now, Good willed and honest Nigerians are constantly striving for greener pastures to improve their quality of life. The brain drain is massive, and for obvious reasons too. One  thing I know for certain though, is that by God’s Grace, Nigeria would be great again. 

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