Best Products For 4c Hair Growth

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 For many of us natural hair queens, one of our biggest desires is to have very long hair.

Check through the comment sections of your favorite natural hair influencers, and you´ll find out that a large percentage of the followers just want to know what to do to make their hair grow longer.

I remember when I used to be frustrated about my hair length. I was desperate to make my hair grow longer. I wanted to do anything: try out every product and find out every “secret” and “mystery” of hair growth. And as you can guess, I made lots of mistakes. I started to try out different products, both natural and synthetic products. And do you know the bad part of doing something without having adequate knowledge? You will simply not do it right.

Here´s what I was doing, I tried out different products, but I was never patient enough to wait for the results before jumping right ahead to the next product. It was safe to call me a product junkie. One time, a friend told me that trimming was the secret to having long hair. I was so happy that I had found out a new secret, and trust me, I took my scissors, and headed straight to cut off a huge part of my hair!

Thinking about it right now, I really want to laugh at myself because how could I have thought that cutting off so much from my hair could automatically make it grow longer? Wow.

I didn’t experience any significant growth then because I didn’t know how to handle my hair, I didn’t know the right practices for my hair, and even when I was told the right thing to do, I just couldn’t do it the right way. For example, Trimming is actually a very good hair care practice. But in my case, I did not trim my hair the right way. I cut off a lot of hair, hoping to see a magic the next day. Hahaha.

Why am I sharing all of this?

I´m sharing all of this to let you know that I have done some of the things you’ve done (or are doing), and I completely understand your plight. I know how it can get frustrating when your hair seems to remain at one spot, even with all your efforts.

Hair growth is desirable. Long hair is beautiful. The longer your hair is, the more beautiful it can be even with the simplest hairstyles. In this article, I´ll share with you just how you can achieve the hair length you desire, using the right products, and keeping to the right practices.

Understanding the challenges

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4c hair, which is characterized by tight curls and coils, is very delicate. Of all the hair types, type 4 is more delicate and prone to damage. If you have 4c hair, you must have encountered challenges like dryness, breakage, tangles, and the almighty shrinkage!

To overcome these challenges, you´ll need to understand your hair completely, and learn about the right products, accessories, and practices for your hair.

Let´s look at some of the practices that can facilitate faster hair growth.

Practices that facilitate hair growth

Before I recommend products for your hair, it´s important that we talk about that right practices for hair growth first. Even with the best of hair growth products, if you handle your 4c hair wrongly, you may get frustrated in the long run.

I believe that this is one of the reasons why many people complain that their hair product “is not working. ” They probably use good products but are practicing harmful hair practices. We will find out about all of these soon enough.

Some of the practices that can facilitate hair growth are listed below:

1. Proper Moisturizing

The importance of moisturizing your hair cannot be over-emphasized. It is essential for your hair health and growth as well. For Naturalists who do not want water to touch their hair, we will have to discuss your issue in a separate article. For now, you should know that your hair doesn’t just want moisture, it needs moisture to thrive.

To moisturize, get yourself a spray bottle, water, a leave in conditioner, and hair oil.

2. Protective styling

I feel we don’t talk about this enough, but you have to watch the kind of hairstyles you make. Your hairstyle can be the big reason your hair and edges are bad. Even with the right products, if you make harmful hairstyles, you will experience stunted growth.

Make sure to patronize stylists who know how to handle natural hair, and opt for styles that protect your hair in every way.

3. Proper detangling

 When you learn how to detangle your hair right, you are already half way gone on your journey to achieving your desired hair length. And in your detangling process, always endeavor to use the right tools. I want to believe that no 4c hair lady detangles with a rat tail comb.

4. Avoid harsh chemicals

Try your best to avoid the use of harmful chemicals on your hair. Harsh chemicals can lead to further hair dryness, frizz, and discoloration.

5. Balanced diet

A healthy body is essential for healthy hair. Make sure to incorporate foods containing vitamins and minerals into your meal plan.

6. Use good hair products

This is the main point of this article. Choosing a good hair product is a crucial step in promoting 4c hair growth. Choosing products specifically meant for 4c hair ensures that your specific hair needs are met.

How to pick the best products for your hair

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You agree with me that your 4c hair is unique and quite different from types 1-3. Even amongst the type 4 hair ladies, your hair probably has its own unique characteristics, which you must put into consideration before choosing a product.

Before choosing a new product, check out the product´s:

1. Ingredients

Look out for products with natural and nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc.

2. Moisture retention ability

3. Protein content

Some recommended products for 4c hair growth includes; Alikay Naturals Essential 17 hair growth oil, ORS olive oil replenishing conditioner, shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil strengthen and restore shampoo and conditioner, Kerastase Initialiste advanced scalp and hair serum, Cantu shea butter tea tree and jojoba hair and scalp oil, e.t.c.

You can also make use of some oils in themselves for your hair and scalp such as Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.

Note that these oils should be applied to your scalp, followed by a gentle scalp massage for a few minutes. The massage is necessary to stimulate hair growth.

In conclusion, consistency and understanding your hair´s specific needs is key. Also, don’t forget that in addition to using good products you should observe the right practices. Hair thrives when all the rules are obeyed.

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