Ten Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Potato recipes have a unique ability to bring together both vegans and non-vegans. Thanks to their inherent self-sufficiency, potatoes don’t require umami to enhance flavor, making meat-based seasonings less common. If, however, you’re a meat lover, sweet potatoes are great sides for roasts. 

Moreover, they make an excellent choice for anyone embarking on a healthy eating journey. For every tuber of sweet potato you eat, your cholesterol intake increases by zero percent. Meaning that sweet potatoes contain zero cholesterol. 

They also contain beta carotene, a compound that improves eye function for better vision. Other health benefits of this food include managing diabetes, improving brain function and digestion, and boosting immunity and skin health. An average-sized sweet potato is basically a health supplement in the form of food. 

Better still, sweet potatoes make sumptuous delicacies. Whether it is for a family dinner or a warm snack, sweet potatoes have got you covered. Here are TEN sweet potato recipes to try.  

Candied sweet potatoes 

This one is for the sweet tooths. This sweet and savory soul food is a typical Thanksgiving meal. It has been said that your Thanksgiving dinner table is not complete without a bowl of some old-fashioned candied sweet potatoes. 

Candied sweet potato is one meal you can make with basic cooking ingredients. This means it can be your solution when that friend visits impromptu. It has a cooking time of about an hour and can be eaten as a snack. Adults love it, and kids love it even more. 

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Spicy sweet potato fries 

What is a list of sweet potato recipes without fries? The difference between this and conventional fries is that this recipe uses sweet potatoes, and instead of deep frying, a baking method is used. 

After garnishing your potato wedges or strips (how you cut it doesn’t matter) with your desired ingredients, including pepper, spritz a little oil on the potato pieces. Afterward, place it in an oven or an air fryer. 

This recipe makes for a healthier alternative. 

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Savory mashed sweet potatoes 

This family meal is suitable for consumption by basically every age range, from toddlers with growing teeth to the elderly with weak jaws. It is also a meal to make when on a budget. With only salt and a few potatoes, you can prepare this meal. 

Boiling the sweet potato sufficiently makes it easier to mash into a pasty mass. Some recipes add herbs to the mix for added aroma but this is purely optional. 

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Maple pecan sweet potato casserole 

This dish is a massive hit during the holidays. For the love of everything casserole, the maple pecan sweet potato is a sumptuous pick. Adding pecans to this casserole gives this soft-textured meal a crunchy edge. 

It’s hard to see leftovers of maple pecan sweet potato casserole. It is that delicious. It does well as a grand dinner when served with roasted chicken or turkey. A vegan alternative is roasted rosemary cauliflower. 

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Roasted garlic parmesan sweet potatoes

Potato wedges are great. But you know what’s even greater, roasted garlic parmesan potato wedges. 

This meal is one of those COSI (crunchy outside, soft inside) appetizers you have been searching for. The ingredients bake nicely around the potato wedges, giving them that crunchy outer layer. 

Garlic is a bulb plant known for its succulent and flavour-enhancing properties. Adding it to your recipe takes the meal from ten to a hundred. 

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Sweet potato and quinoa salad

Tasty, healthy, and easy to make? The sweet potato quinoa salad is your go-to meal. 

Sweet potatoes are always a good choice for anyone seeking a diet meal. Because of its high fiber content and complex carbohydrate molecules, it gives a longer feeling of fullness and encourages more water consumption. 

When it is mixed with quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) into a salad, it makes an even healthier meal. Quinoa is a protein-rich plant-based food. 

This salad recipe is for everyone, ranging from people with dietary restrictions to vegans and busybees. It is gluten-free, entirely plant-based, and can be prepared beforehand. 

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Baked sweet potato chips

Deep frying may be an unhealthy choice for people on low-fat diet plans. A healthier alternative is baking. Baked sweet potato chips are, as the name suggests, sweet potato chips that have been prepared by baking, as opposed to frying. 

This meal is of higher nutritional value than conventionally fried potato chips because the baking process helps retain all the nutrients in the potato, reducing the fat intake. 

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Grilled sweet potato skewers

One thing about sweet potatoes is its versatility. They can be boiled, roasted, fried, baked, and in this case, grilled. This meal is so good you can eat it without any sides. Grilled sweet potato on skewers is easily the most pocket-friendly potato recipe out there. You can satisfy a table full of guests with only your potato pieces, a few bamboo skewers, and some salt. 

More often than not, its tastiness leaves you wanting more. 

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Sweet potato hash and spinach 

Breakfast should not always be about cereal and toast. A little diversity would be excellent. It is time to hash it out. 

Sweet potato hash is a meal that comprises sauteed diced potatoes and a bunch of vegetables. Spinach mixes well with it, making it a more sumptuous breakfast option. 

Some people say eating this without anything on the side is okay, but we recommend fried eggs for added goodness. 

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Sweet potato and chickpea curry

Sweet potato and chicken curry is a comfort food that is loaded with a good amount of nutrients. It is another vegan recipe that is easy on the pocket and takes less than an hour to be ready —from prepping to serving. 

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The bottom line is that sweet potato meals are almost always a hit. You can never go wrong with them. You’ll always get a tasty, healthy, and delightsome meal whenever sweet potatoes are in the mix. Indulge yourself with a few more sweet potato recipes. We promise you are going to love it. 

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