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As much as our natural 4c crown looks gorgeous when left out in its Afro state, you can’t afford exposing it to harsh weather elements all the time.

There is a need to tuck your strands safely into a protective style every once in a while to avoid excessive manipulation, tangling and breakage.

I must have mentioned that not all protective styles are truly protective in one of my previous hair posts.

About protective styles

So what qualifies a protective style?

These 5 tips could guide your definition

⁃ It must give full and easy access to your scalp so your moisturizing game stays on point.

⁃ It must be devoid of tension to your edges. We don’t want no traction alopecia (hair loss) up in here please.

⁃ It must be easy to style with very minimal manipulation.

⁃ This said style should wear for a period of 2-4weeks and slightly more, comfortably.

⁃ It should tuck in your ends nicely with no reservations.

I know you are probably wondering if your favourite hair style fits the description right?

Ill’d say, that if it meets more than 90 percent of the above listed criterias, you are quite safe.

Now, it’s time to share with you, five of my favorite protective hair styles, in order of priority. I would add a few personal pictures in some of the styles.

5 protective styles you should try out

1. Cornrows

Corn rows under a variety of wigs would forever be the easiest style option to tuck in my 4c hair. It gives 100 percent access to the scalp. I can keep up with my daily LOC (leave in, oil and conditioner) moisturizing routine with no hinderance, it also reduces the manipulation of my strands to the barest minimum. How can I forget the feeling of euphoria when I take off my wig to let in some fresh air; it is second to none! For these reasons it ranks as my no 1 go to protective style.
Ill’d say the only downside is that it would need to be redone every 2-3 weeks after a wash/co-wash.

2. Two strand twists

These can be referred to as fans favorite for so many reasons. Asides sitting pretty regardless of your hair length, it can be worn alone and under a wig in similarity to corn rows based on your preference. It also allows free access to the scalp for daily moisturizing.
The only downside is that it gets untidy super-fast especially if you aren’t intentional about keeping it neat. It doesn’t wear for more than 3 weeks. If you decide to keep it longer than 3 weeks, you will most definitely have to do hard labor with the tangled mess sure to follow.

3. Crotchet

I think it is near impossible to go wrong with crotchet! It is time saving and super versatile. Crotchet extensions range from twists –braids – locks-bohemian curls, you name it.

Though it doesn’t give full access to your scalp, you could work with the little access available using a spray bottle containing your products in liquid form.

This hair style wears super long depending on the type and durability of crotchet extensions. Most times up to 5 weeks but anything beyond 6 weeks is a stretch that could ironically damage your hair.

In my favorite kinky crotchet extension. Face beat on the left is most definetely a TSJ beat👊😉

4. Pony tails

On those lazy, bad hair days, pony tails (especially the detachable ones) are super heroes that come to the rescue.
Whether it is a kinky, straight, high bun, low bun or bohemian pony, you are sure to dazzle.
The detachable ones are the real game changers,
taking you from zero to a full 200 in minutes.

If I am being realistic though, getting our 4c kinky hair to slip into a pony is hard work! So on days when you are too lazy, another option is braiding your hair into an updo and attaching the pony anytime you need to slay. That’s really when we can call this style a protective one.

4. Knotless braids

Gone are the days where we endure pain in the name of braids!

Box braids have always been a dangerous zone for me both as a relaxed and natural chick. Between the pain involved in the first few days of making them, and the possibility of traction alopecia, there is also the unnatural feeling of heaviness it gives.

Thank God for Knotless braids!

I made and stuck to my decision to stay off braids for 5 solid years to help keep my edges safe and healthy. A few months ago however, I tried knotless braids with my mouth in my chest.

Guess what?

It was worth every effort and penny!

Did I mention it was completely pain free? Amazing is the word!

Like guys! there was literally no headache after making this gorgeous hair as opposed to the pain that comes with the box braid package. If you haven’t experienced this goodness before, then brethren you need to try it out. I tell no lies.

5. Two strand twists/passion twists with extension.

If you have the current hair length that I do, you might feel unwillingly to rock the two-strand twist with your 4c hair alone. With or without the extensions, two strand twists remain long lasting. They make a beautiful protective style option with full scalp access..

Please note though that passion twists as beautiful and protective as they are, could be damaging if not done right. So please make sure to purchase a good extension and seek the services of a great hairstylist.

A word they say, is enough for the wise✌️

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