How I saved and grew my edges back (combating edge hair loss)

Y’all, I have a story to tell about my edges! Dedicating this one to any queen out there that is currently in the same quagmire I found myself last year, hoping you find this post useful.

I now completely believe that a head full of hair with scanty edges would never really appease the eyes.

Guys, please! Always resist the urge to make hairstyles that put tension on your edges.

Don’t do it girl! It is definitely not worth the heart ache. Your edges are super delicate and should be treated as such!


So how did it happen?……

You see, shortly after I had my big chop, I struggled! No one held my hand into this natural hair living. It was a serious challenge navigating the new texture and length I had recently acquired. So I sought solace in my “go to” protective style ; corn rows, under a variety of wigs.

Little did I know that even protective styles could be done wrong and end up being damaging.

My family had just moved uptown and I wasn’t familiar with any nearby saloon. Even if I was, it would have been nearly impossible to visit one. This is because I had no one to watch my baby boy while I was out, and the thought of taking a one year old to a public saloon wasn’t appealing to me.

Unfortunately, my house keeper introduced me to her friend who she swears is a hairstylist😳

Like how?? I am positive that many crowns have been destroyed in the hands of this so called “stylist.” She pulled on my edges like they had offended her in the past life.

Never again would I ever seat through any terrible hair session. I did back then because I felt I had no choice, now I know better.

After she left, I had to release my edges from their bondage. So I began to pluck out the front of the cornrows without completely loosening the weaves.

When I eventually took out the corn rows, the damage was unsightly! I was mocked guys!

People made jokes at my expense, humans could be so mean sometimes. I lost the confidence to leave my hair out, thanks to the bald patches on each side of my temple.

On one beautiful day of shopping at a local supermarket, our good Lord answered my prayers and led me to an amazing product, it is called the afro virtues edge repair cream.

IMG 68691

I had never previously come across the product, neither had I seen any prior reviews about the product but I was very trusting and made the purchase. Guys!!!!! This product took my edges from a 0 to 100 real quick.

3 weeks after Afrovirtue edge repair cream use versus before Afrovirtue edge repair cream
Peep my full Edges y’all!!💃🏻💃🏻❤️

Their ingredient line up is pretty interesting. All are familiar materials, pretty safe and naturally sourced with no room for worries.

Shea butter
Cocoa butter
Coconut oil
Garlic oil
Castor oil
Tea tree oil

I usually apply the product to my edges alone in the morning and at night. Though my edges are way prettier and full now, I need them fuller, so I am not letting go of this product anytime soon.

And the best part?

They ship outside the country. You could buzz them via their IG page @afrovirtues to place an order. I can assure you, they are a no scam zone. Better still, if you come across this product at any local supermarket, get one and thank me later.

It’s time to get those edges back! No Limitations loves

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