Tips for successfully taking down/detangling a wash and go 

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My coily Queens, this is a quick post I feel would come in handy, especially if you are new to the wash and go game. For a complete guide, it would be amazing if you check out my first two hair posts on wash and go, It would make a whole lot more sense to you. 

To conclude my wash and go series, I only feel it would be right to give pointers on how to ensure you detangle a wash and go and get your coils back to their original state prior to the wash and go. 

For the sake of context, wash and go gives you semi permanent coils depending on how potent your wash and go is, (especially for 4c hair) that you usually get after shampooing and deep conditioning your strands, however to make those coils last, we would usually style the strands with great styling gels which is the main forte of wash and go. 

The first time I tried a wash and go, the style looked real pretty, however, the mistake I made back then was handling my coils roughly during the detangling process. 

It was a terrible decision that cost me a lot. I lost hair fam! Thankfully I have learnt from my mistakes, and I am here to spill on all that I have learnt. 

Today Illd be sharing 5 great tips for properly taking down/ detangling your wash and go

Tips for detangling and taking down your wash and go

How to detangle black hair
  • Clear out ample time for the process;  You need to ensure that you have all the time that you need to do a great job! You don’t want to rush your way through detangling a wash and go, trust me, it never ends well. 
  • Get your hair in the perfect state for detangling. Now there are two ways to make this happen. You could use a rinse out conditioner for this or use water mixed with a leave in conditioner. Do you baby gurl! All you need is to get your coils damp/soft and ready for detangling. Please pay attention to damp! (Not soaking wet, and not dry)
  • Get yourself the right tools ; Detangling a wash and go should never be done with combs that hardly have space in between them such as a rat tale comb. They should instead be done with either your fingers, a wide tooth comb or a good detangler brush. These are more friendly to your coils 
  • You could use heat too (please hear me out); This is probably the first point anyone would expect but, I am not a big fan of heat on my coils. This doesn’t mean blowing out your hair isn’t a great method for straightening it though. I would only advice that you use a heat protectant first, and make sure the heat is tuned to low/meduim. If I am being honest, blowing out them coils with a dryer is way faster and easier but there would be consequences if not done right. 
  • Put your strands in twist sections; the final thing to do after either carefully detangling/blowing out your coils, is to put them in big twist sections so they can remain stretched. 

Take down your “wash and go” the right way today fam! Your hair would thank you❤️

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