30th shoot (The full scoop 1)

Hi Besties!

Before I proceed with these joy filled post series, I would like to acknowledge my amazing Heavenly Father who has been quite intentional about me, He alone has kept me till this very moment!

You know, I didn’t appreciate the gift of life and the opportunity of fresh breath with every waking morning until recent times! Everyday on earth is truly a blessing.

He owes us nothing but still cares for us relentlessly. And let me tell you something that I hope you never forget.

GOD is good!
In the highs, he is good
In the lows, he is still good
His faithfulness is not based on our situation, but on who he Is; our ever Faithful, never changing, Loving Father!

Where do I even start Fam! If you really want to know how I feel about God’s faithfulness over the past 3 decades, please search for the beautiful song by Tauren wells; UNTIL GRACE FOUND ME.

The opening part goes

I knew I was broken but there was no one that I could tell
Praying felt like I was throwing pennies in a wishing well
And I started believing I was cursed to carry this weight
I was listing the reasons of why I should walk away
Until grace called my name
Oh, I didn’t know I could be free
Until grace found me
Until grace broke these chains
Oh, I didn’t know I could be free
Until grace found, Your grace found me


You see, growing up wasn’t all rosy! There were trials people! not small ones o, those ones that would actually make you question your existence. I honestly didn’t make much about life and felt condemned and unworthy till I was properly introduced to our Loving father!

I am not here to tell lies about how the trials and tribulations have vanquished ever since I was introduced to him, instead I would say it as it is.

Trials are still somewhat present as expected in the life of everyone, especially believers in Christ, but there is a huge difference now!

The difference is that he sees me through every single one of them, as long as I give him access. He continually strengthens me at my weakest/ lowest moments in this battle called life. Just as he promised.

Do you want to know something hilarious?

I actually started prepping for my 30th birthday shoot from the year before.

Any one who knows me well, knows how much I love and Cherish memories!

When all is said and done, only beautiful memories give that magical feeling that lasts forever. I don’t joke with any prospective photo session regardless of how stressful it might seem. I absolutely love them.

But you see those 2 shoots I had for my 30th! They shook me hands down.

I began to ask myself silly questions on why I decided to follow through with them. Guys! things were literally turning on their own.

When I look at the outcome of the shoots though, I have absolutely no regret, these pictures are stunning fam!

The honest truth is that the first shoot didn’t come with as much stress as the second.

That second shoot ehn, it came with a lot of SEGE seeing! You would probably not understand until I tell the story, ko easy rara but I give God the glory!

So, before I share my amazing pictures/videos from the first birthday shoot, it is only proper to tell the story behind the shoot. (There are a few confidential and personal deets I won’t be able to share but having an idea of what I mean is all that matters)

Story Time!

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Sometime in August, during the heat of serious medical duties, I stumbled on a mouthwatering birthday shoot, promo package by Adesuwa, whose beautiful brand is popularly known as CapturedbyAdesuwa.

She is an amazing baby photographer who took awesome pictures of my son on his first birthday. Yes, she is into baby photography but has a subsidiary to cater to adults as well.

I had initially decided that I wanted my 30th shoot to be nothing short of mind blowing, considering I wasn’t throwing any lavish or extravagant party!

Just to spell it out, my persona/ birthday behavior is more of online paparazzi while sitting quietly in my living room and surfing the net lol! As long as I have dope shoot pictures, I am 💯 satisfied.

My only problem was my difficulty in deciding whose lens was best to capture my essence in the manner I yearned for.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when I saw the Juicy birthday package spring up on my timeline.

With no definite plan in mind, I keyed into and paid for the shoot.

Unfortunately, I had only just installed knotless braids (they were about six days old) and I decided to keep them as neat as possible towards the shoot date which was three weeks away.

Now looking back, and telling this story, it is quite hilarious. It was as though I had been given a special, no failure acceptable assignment.

I slept with two hair bonnets each night to ensure I was covered through the night, just in case any of the bonnets decided to act rebellious.

I ensured my braids were neatly packed with little to zero manipulation. Infact, I felt super proud of myself.

Please note that at this point I hadn’t spoken to my photographer on her views or plans for the shoot o. I didn’t even have any concrete outfit for the shoot. All I knew was that I was going for two looks, and I was going to look stunning with my braids.

Little did I know what awaited me.

I wouldn’t want to make this post unbearably long, so my darlings kindly check back for the concluding part of the story behind Shoot no 1.


Meanwhile please enjoy this beautiful #btsvideo from the shoot

30th birthday, first shoot bts video
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