How to detangle 4C Hair coils

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In the past, thinking of detangling type 4 coils equated intense pain! I have memories of several young black queens struggling with their mums and that dreaded big comb with a well of tears. Those were horrific times my darlings.

That unpleasant experience could have been prevented if our parents were equipped with the right knowledge base back then. Thankfully times have changed! Hallelujah somebody!

Now we have all the hair care information and product knowledge necessary to make 4c hair more pleasurable at our finger tips. This post would address all that you need to know about detangling those gorgeous coils.

But first, Let’s start with basic detangling knowledge!

ABC’s of how to detangle 4c hair coils

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Guys! I would be going back to the very basic things just in case any new bee naturalist is reading this post. Welcome girl!

The question I am sure you might be asking at the moment is……. what do they mean by detangling?

Well, simply put, detangling is the process of gently removing tangles/ knots from your hair. These tangles most times are formed as a result of a profound lack of hair moisture/dryness.

First things first, you should know that when detangling, water and a good leave in conditioner are your friends! Asides mixing water and a good leave in conditioner in a spray bottle to serve as a detangler, you could also buy ready made detanglers around you instead. I would drop a few trust worthy ones I can vouch for at the end of this post.

Back to the subject matter , never ever attempt detangling dry and shrunken coils my darling! It is a huge recipe for disaster and it brings unnecessary pain!

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This was what many of our mothers practiced in the past due to a deficit in the hair care knowledge base. We however know now that everything they did regardless, they did out of love.

As I was saying, you need to get your hair a little damp, I don’t mean soaking wet please. I mean half way between wet and dry before commencing the detangling process.

Now to the next important piece of information……..You need the right detangling tool! It is very crucial to determine if the detangling process would be a breeze or if it would spiral into a hair breakage saga.

I for instance usually go in with my fingers first as I feel this usually helps me to keep it gentle and also enables me to feel the tangles and know how best to deal with them. After going in with my fingers, I usually follow through with a wide tooth comb!

Please and please avoid using those rat tail
combs to detangle your hair, it is a very unhealthy practice and would increase your split ends and breakage. Instead use a wide tooth comb or a good detangling brush.

Now to this brush matter, a lot of people swear by all kinds of detangling brushes but I would say do you darling! Do only what works for you.

I initially got a detangling brush many naturalistas hyped at the time and Inwas utterly dissappointed! Perhaps there was something i was missing about the brush because this particular brush just didn’t work out for me. I eventually gave it out, perhaps i didn’t know how to use this particular one.

Shortly after, I came across another detangling brush at a local supermarket near me and it was a bliss! I have stuck to my finger detangling and the use of either my wide tooth comb and this particular blissful brush ever since that day.

So I repeat Sis, do you and don’t follow the crowd when it doesn’t suit you.

Instructions for successfully detangling your coils

  • Start with damp hair. Depending on what day of your hair cycle it is i.e wash day or perhaps just your regular hair care regimen {LOC}, you need to start with damp hair. If it’s your wash day, I suggest you start in the shower with a good detangling shampoo and if it’s the other way round, go in with your water/ leave in conditioner spray bottle.
  • Divide your hair into sections: Thankfully, I learnt quite early on my 4c journey that sectioning 4c hair is very important in achieving any and every form of hair success. Working in smaller sections ensures you are intentional and that you get the job done with ease.
  • Go in with the right tools: As I mentioned previously, this is key to preventing hair breakage. You can start like me with your fingers and then follow through with either a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush.
  • Gently work your way through: Type 4 hair in general, requires a world of patience and gentility. This can never be over emphasized fam! Them coils be needing some tender love and care. So guys, always start from your ends and work your way gently to the roots.
  • style your hair: There is a need to style your hair right after detangling Sis else the strands might shrink right back up. So, you could decide to either put it in a protective style or commence with your intended hairstyle.

5 great detanglers out there {TSJ’s picks}

That’s it folks! I hope you key into these tips for a pleasant detangling experience. Stay blessed.

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