My Top 16, (Local) gospel Music 1

Music remains the soul food of life!

People of God, I bring you good tidings! One fact I would like you to know, is that you can never take music away from TSJ!

While I could be selective about the genres of music I listen to, I am a sucker for smooth and sweet melodies. So, as long as the song is giving all it needs to give with no cursing or negative confessions, I am definitely down.

My ear phones are very essential for my day to day living! I literally feel incapacitated without them. If you ask me what items I would take along to a desserted island for survival, my earphones would most definetely make the cut.

Today I would be sharing my top 16 unique, local gospel jams and the reason behind my love for each of them in order of priority. You know my policy though, to avoid making this posting extremely long and arduous let’s make it a two-part post, shall we?

TSJ’s top 16 Nigerian gospel songs 2022

15. My prayer by Called out music

So, the thing about this song is that it is melodiously calming!

The singer (called out music) is a British with Nigerian roots, hence the reason for being on this list. This message of the song is that of a Child confessing his weaknesses to his heavenly father, and ruminating on how he has tried to do things on his own but failed severally.

He then goes on to make prayers to God and pleads with him to remain ever present in his life. It is a beautiful lyrical mash up honestly! When this tune hits my ears it literally gives me goosebumps.

IMG 3001

14 Desire by Limoblaze ft Emandiong

This is such a feel-good kind of music that would get you on your feet anytime, any day!

It is a song of praise to our Heavenly Father that talks about his goodness, his sacrifices and sustenance. It is very lovable.

IMG 3002

13. Wonder by Nathaniel Bassey

When I initially listened to this song it didn’t strike as much cords as it does now but I downloaded it anyway. It is a relaxed, slow-paced song that speaks about the wonders of our mighty father.

IMG 3003

12. Destiny by Banky W

This beautiful song is by one of Nigeria’s sweetheart, oko Adesuwa lol!
He blessed us with this beautiful song that speaks about surrendering it all to God. He asks God to search and use him for his divine purpose, regardless of being broken. It has the message of total submission to God’s will. A really lovely and joy giving song.

IMG 3004

11. Wonder by Marizu

One thing I love about this song is it’s beat. It’s a feel-good song and also super melodious.

IMG 3006

10. Called out music- Love around

Listening to this mash up with earphones gives joy. It is a laid back tune highlighting how loving our Heavenly Father is. A very calm song, as most of called out music’s songs are.

IMG 3007

9. I will sing by Ada Ehi

.Ada ehi is such an amazing musician. Whenever I hear this song, my feet get the better of me. It propagates the message of singing of the mercies and goodness of our great God! It is so well put together, thus the reason for being on this list.

IMG 3008

8. Away-Limoblaze

Limoblaze is a blessed singer! He was really called for this purpose honestly.
Fam! I am literally in love with many of his songs. They all sit pretty on my playlist and remain a joyful compilation. Just prepare to see more of his songs on this list!

This particular song is one channeled towards positive speaking and declarations. It tells the vices of the world to flee from us. Vices such as poverty, depression, sickness and the likes that God didn’t give us

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So that’s the first half guys! Kindly check my next post for the second half of this post containing my top 8 gospel songs.

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