Nine Tips For Buying Authentic Make Up Products

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Sister! you could have the best make up skills but still end up with a shitty face beat. This usually happens when imitations/fake make up products are used. It is always a disaster, I know because I am telling you from experience!

Have you ever heard this popular saying, it goes…..”you have to put in money to look like a bag of money”…….I totally agree! No cheap or fake make up product would give you the classy look you desperately yearn for. There is a dire need to step up your product game to get that luxury look girl!

Now I know that asides the ‘economists’ who are unwilling to spend good money on product purchase, there are many others who don’t mind going the extra mile. Unfortunately, those that are not frugal might end up falling into the hands of unreliable make up vendors.

Imagine being sold a product that doesn’t do what it is made to do. Some callous humans who call themselves vendors produce their sham version of popular products and pass them across as the real deal. May we never fall into the hands of dubious vendors, it is never a great experience.

Using fake products could cause your whole look to fall apart, and then you start to doubt your skills. It could also cause nasty break outs.

I do realize that not everyone is equipped with a buoyant purchasing power. I acknowledge that some make up products are on the high end. I however have good news for you, middle range and budget friendly, reliable products also exist!

I would introduce y’all to a wide range of product lines I can absolutely vouch for as we forge ahead on this journey. Today though, illd be sharing a few tips that would help with identifying and purchasing authentic cosmetic products.

The truth is that we can only try! Some imitations are so well forged that it is hard to detect the mockup. There are some people in my country known as “Aba boys”…………. these people can make a clone of any damn thing! Never put anything past them.

There was a certain day I followed one of my teenage cousins to a ‘supposed’ make up store and I couldn’t believe my eyes! These people were selling mud in the name of concealers and foundations. I could tell because I had bought the original version of these same products from trusted vendors. It was super glaring that the products in this particular store were sub-par products.

The shocking thing is that people around the area rushed these terrible products with no questions asked. This was perhaps because they were being sold at giveaway prices. The damage to their delicate facial skin which I am sure followed, would have been an expensive kind.

Let us quickly look into nine tips that would help to reduce the horror of purchasing fake make up products.

Nine tips for purchasing authentic make-up products.

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1. First and foremost always do optimal research before jumping at any make up product. Check reviews from makeup enthusiasts and experts so you know exactly what to expect with each product.

2. My next tip is to try as much as possible to buy from trusted vendors, perhaps those that are referred by make up artists and experts alike. It is good to keep in mind that the size of a make up store doesn’t necessarily indicate the authenticity of the products sold there. I would ultimately advice going to the actual website of the product manufacturers to check their list of authorized retailers.

3. Now some make up production companies are well aware of counterfeit products in the market, so they have gone a step further by putting in scratch pins that could help to confirm the authenticity of their products. You are only required to dial the given code on your mobile phone as instructed.

4. It is also always good to check the serial number, bar code and manufacturing information of a product to identify fake from original. Fake products may not have any of these information, or will have very little information.

5. I am sorry to say this but it has to be said! Please do cut your coat according to your size. You can’t be looking for a Fenty beauty product with the money for say, a middle range Milani cosmetic product. Like how now? Don’t be ridiculous.

Even you should know that the product that would be purchased for that price can never be authentic!

6. Try out the product before purchase with a tester. Now, I know this could work only for physical stores and it is impossible for online shoppers but if you can, please do as much physical shopping as possible.

7. For online buys, try as much as possible to check product reviews and ratings from other verified buyers.

8. Always note the expiration date/ shelf life of products purchased. Pay close attention to the consistency and smell of make up products. Products with pungent smells lean more towards the fake angle.

9. Seek help from make up/product experts when you can and save yourself the stress.

I do hope someone out there finds these tips useful. Till my next post, do remain blessed

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