My top 30 gospel songs of all time (foreign edition) 11

Whatsup people!

Guess who is back with her top 15 gospel songs?

These super worthy jams would bring light to any seemingly dark day for me! Definitely soul lifting, every single one of them.

Seat back and relax as I share my top 15 gems with you

15. Bless me by Kirk Franklin

As usual, Kirk Franklin comes through with the hip hop vibes in this popping song. It is a song asking God for his blessings to enable us bless others. The intriguing part of this music video is the fact that it was recorded in a correctional facility.

It was amazing to see actual inmates singing to the almighty in heaven! It is such a hope giving song, considering the scenario.

14. Order, disorder, reorder by Jason Gray

This song was a discovery made while dozing off, listening to gospel music on itunes. It speaks about the Christian life.

There would always be moments of order, disorder and reorder in every Christian life, it is how he makes us new. It is indeed a beautiful song.

13. Keep me in the moment by Jeremy camp

This beat of this song basically stole my heart, much more the message behind the song captivated me. It is one of asking God to keep us in the important moments and to show us all that matters so we don’t miss all the goodness he has for us.

12. He knows my name by Francesca Batistelli

This is one well composed melody. Yo! It says that I don’t need my name in light, because I am famous in my father’s eyes. Make no mistake, he knows my name. This song is one of reasurrance of God’s love and establishment of how special you would always be to him❤️

11. Make it right! Maverick city music

Anytime I play this song, it takes me down memory lane to when my baby boy was Barely 2. When the part of “open our eyes” comes up, he would touch his eyes and sing along. The song says that “he can take what is wrong and make it right, he can take the burdens and give us those that are light.”

This is the kind of amazing father we serve.

10. Walking miracles by Matthew West

At the beginning of this song, a certain name; William was mentioned. This young child was the inspiration behind the song. Once you listen to the lyrics you would understand the message very clearly. It is quite simple, we are all living, breathing, walking miracles.

9. Wade in the water by the spirituals

This song is not your ordinary. Let me first say that though a foreign song, it has some pidgin connotations that make it quite unique.
So, the song says that God is calling his children into freedom, even if he might trouble the water in the process , we remain his sons and daughters.

8. I am getting ready Tasha Cobbs feat Nicki Minaj

This song comes across as many things to different people, however for me it is a beautiful song by two beautiful children of God.

My fav part of this song is Nicki’s rap, I usually recite it like an anthem each time the song comes on.

7. Never lost feat Tauren wells elevation worship

The first day I heard this song was with my husband and we both knew that it was a golden and amazing song. God has never lost a battle and he never will!

6. Todd Dulaney- Your great name

Todd is a blessed singer!
We love to call his name, it is something we cannot explain. His great name; Jesus is much stronger than everything. Things definitely change when we call his name. Long and short of the song; The name; Jesus is a powerful name!

5, Every little thing feat Andy minoe – Hillsong, young and free

This song is a comforting and well-constructed sound which reminds us to worry less because God is in control of every little situation.

4, Nobody feat Matthew west, casting crowns

This beat be banging with lyrical dopeness…… “I am just a nobody, trying to tell everybody all about somebody who saved my soul, ever since you rescued me, you gave my heart a song to sing, I am living for the world to see nobody but Jesus!”

3. Until grace by Tauren Wells

This song is a discovery that got me teary from the very first day. The lyrics of the song did quite a number on me and literally got me in my feelings. Listen to it and draw your conclusions, I love this song! and the singer as well lol! Tauren Wells is a world of talent.

2. Hold us together – Tauren wells ft H.E.R

Told you I love Tauren’s Wells! This song’s artist feature is what gives it the beautiful edge. And the music video is breath taking guys! In my opinion, it is an absolute joy to the ears. Listen to it and thank me later.

1. Drum rolls please!…….I’ll find you by Tori Kelly

My favourite Gospel song of all times is currently the beautiful sound by Tori Kelly and Lecrae- Illd find you. This song has powerful lyrics and gives all the hope required. The fact that lecrae show cases the amazing art of Gospel rap is what draws me

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