Six overlooked make up tools for artists and enthusiasts 

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Make up is a process, and for every process to turn out great, it is important to lay the right foundation using the best tools and technique. 

The following essential items I would be sharing in a moment, are most times overlooked by make up artists and enthusiasts alike. The truth however is that making use of these items in your make up routine is a game changer.  

We could liken the face of every client to a canvas, and consider the Make up artist; a painter. If the canvas is not in good condition for painting, or the painter overlooks some important tools for getting the job done, the whole process would flop with disappointing results. 

Likewise, a face beat, the face has to be top notch with every tool needed to slay the beat readily available. 

Now these are in no way the most important items in a make-up box,but having them would definitely make your beat extra special and flawless.

Here are make-up tools commonly overlooked

Face cleansers

This is one precious item that should not be caught missing from your box. Please note face cleansers are quite different from face wash. Unlike the face wash which is made to clean your pores more deeply, Face cleansers are made to purify, hydrate, and soothe your skin, while removing dirt, oil and impurities. 

This item provides a clean canvas for the artist to work magic. If you don’t have any yet and you are a make up fan, then you could get one of these amazing face cleansers listed below

Mixing pallete and spatula

Are you still one of those that mix foundations at the back of their hands? Biko stop it o, when you are not from my village lol! Get yourself a mixing pallete/spatula and hop on to the bougie side of life. 

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Make up mat

When you are organized during a face beat, you think clearly. A make up mat would help put those amazing products for the face slaying in clear view. Asides that, it also helps to boost your cleanliness level to a 100 percent. My dear girlfriend, get yourself a make up mat today to avoid confusion and the unnecessary search for products that aren’t lost. 

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Make up cape/ apron

Now of course we aren’t kids that don’t know left from right. A client’s body should not be soaked with foundation or shadow pigments in the name of catching a face beat with you,  but the truth is that mistakes do happen. If by any chance there is a slip up, a make up apron would ensure that your client’s outfit is well protected.

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Silicone brush cleaning make up pad/mat

Do you really clean your brushes without this? If you do then you have been subjecting yourself to hard labour o. Why don’t you get yourself a brush cleaning pad/mat and experience soft work. 

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Brow tamers

There was a time I used to substitue my hair wax for a brow tamer but I realized that the hair wax was a tad greasy and didn’t pull through with the effect that the brow tamer offers. Don’t be an economist like me o, last last I purchased the brow tamer and it definitely improved my brow game. These beauties help to keep your brow hair in check and prepare them for the eyebrow pencil. Some of them not only tame but also tint the brows. Get one today and thank me later.

Brush holders

Truth is that any nice/ pretty container that is wide enough to hold your brushes could suffice as a brush holder. Regardless, get either the real deal or improvised version. It is always eye pleasing to keep your brushes organized in a holder/cup.  

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Yep, those are my 2 cents and I am glad I got to share them with you today. Which of the items do you have already?
Which ones do you plan on getting?

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for sticking around and see you in my next beauty post darling. 

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