Trials of a Medical Student / Doctor

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To every student out there studying to become a medical doctor at any corner of the world, I applaud your resilience and tenacity. This course is certainly not for the faint at heart!

I learnt recently that the Guinness book of world records named Medicine, the toughest course to be studied on planet earth. I don’t care what naysayers think, I absolutely agree. 

Where do I even begin? One thing many don’t realize is that the best of the very best from various secondary/ high schools are those who eventually make it into medical school. It is no child’s play, trust me on this one.

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The hilarious part of it all is that this course called Medicine is a huge leveler. You may have been the local champion at your elementary/high school, but you see medical school ehn! It’s a whole new ball game. 

A few days ago, I was utterly shocked to come across a post by a philanthropic celebrity. He had been on the case of a little girl suffering from chronic kidney disease.  This young and promising girl unfortunately lost her battle to the disease, and I can only imagine what her parents must be going through. 

Notwithstanding, what shocked me more was that the comment section of his post, it was filled with bashment comments directed at her doctors. Apparently, the father of the bereaved mentioned the absence of an attending doctor when the little girl started to gasp. I honestly could understand the emotional turmoil he was dealing with at the time.  What I however don’t get is the ridiculousness of the comments from the social media keypad warriors.

Hehehe my people, the funniest and mind blowing of these comments was the allegation that Medical students usually bribe their way through Medical school! 

Like what?? Are you kidding me? How the hell does one bribe their way through medical school? Trust me,  it is a near impossible mission. 

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Group of african medical students in college standing on stairs.

You can never truly understand what life as a medical student feels like till you become one. Should we talk about the negative markings for wrong answers given on an in course/exam? Or the sleepless nights spent reading and going through countless rounds and exams?

I said to myself, this individual with the comment must be a joker. 

Another spoke about his displeasure for Medical doctors napping or taking a break during call hours. ”Hehehe, E shock me.”

Is it that doctors are robots that don’t deserve to rest too or what? A lot of people fail to think about the implications of what they spit out. 

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Yes,  a doctor on call should be available when called upon for any emergency, however when there is some peace/tranquility on the ward, there is absolutely no crime in the Doctor napping. Come on, don’t be an agent of the devil and utter all sorts just to seem relevant. 

Let’s all be guided about our choice of words and interpretation of situations. Little wonder why the Japa syndrome is what is currently reigning for doctors in my country. It is simply because these medics are not appreciated in their country. They toil day and night, make serious sacrifices and practically let go of their social lives.

Then there is the system failure and profound lack of infrastructures. The most painful part of the whole matter is the gross overworking of these gems and the withholding of their benefits. This is unacceptable, Doctors need to rest like other humans in various works of life and they sure have bills to pay.

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So before you lay curses on, or bash another medic, please put all of these into consideration and do better. In peace I come, and with peace I sign out✌🏽

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