10 game changing make up hacks I bet you never knew

Hi guys, if you are a make-up enthusiast like I am, then I bet you are constantly looking for ways to improve your make up routine. Now sometimes, we come across a truck load of hacks, some work out fine and become part of our routine. Others don’t seat well with us and are trashed.
Trust me, I can absolutely relate guys!
However today, I bring you 10 of my newly discovered hacks, I hope this post comes in quite handy.

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Ten valuable make up hacks

  • When commencing your skin prep, doing a double cleansing with both an oil-based and water-based cleanser gives the perfect and flawless base for your products to seat on.
  • Try as much as possible to use a lip moisturizer at the start of the face beat, especially if your lips dry out fast like mine.
  • When you smudge your face beat with liner or mascara, wait until it dries out before attempting to fix it to avoid making a mess. It is always easier to dust off with your powder brush bristles or spoolie once the liner/mascara mishap dries out.
  • One eyebrow hack that has changed my eyebrow game is the discovery of brow tamers (this helps to keep the brows in place), brow tint (to give a more natural feel to dark brows) and brow pomade (an alternative/support to brow pencils). With these items in your possession, your brow game is sure to improve tremendously.
  • When using pigments or glitters, tackle fall outs by dusting out excess pigments from your brush before application, or better still, go in with your fingers instead. If your skin work isn’t done yet, then I advise you use an eye shield to protect the the under eye from shadow fallouts. However, if your skin work is complete, ensure that your setting powder for the under eye is in place before pigment/glitter application, this would enable an dust-off of the fall outs with a powder brush.
  • . Always remember to set your skin prep with a setting spray before the foundation comes on, you could also use it at every major step thereaafter. This would help to keep the make up looking fresh for longer periods.
  • Choose foundations based on your skin type. Oily skinned/ combination damsels should go for oil free foundations which dry matte while dry skinned folks should go for hydrating foundations.
  • When highlighting the under eye, it is best to go in with a good eye cream first before the concealer. This should be a shade lighter than your actual shade as it would make your under eye more appealing and seamless. However, if what you have is a concealer that is two or three shades lighter, you could mix it with your exact foundation shade to calm it down a bit.
  • Always aim for neutral/ calm eyes and bold lip looks or a bold eye look and calm lips. Going full force with bold colours on both the eyes and lips might be unsightly, especially if you aren’t so great with colour combinations. However, you can absolutely do a neutral eye and nude lips for that subtle look, this hardly ever goes south.
  • Master the color wheel to the best of your abilities guys. It would definitely come in handy especially for color correcting and acing foundation undertones. Get a face colour pallete for practice and thank me later peeps.

    So, guys those are my 10 hacks, is any familiar? Would you like to add to mine, please let me know in the comment section. Bye Loves.

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