The beauty of 4c Afro hair

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The beauty of Afro hair lies in the eye of the beholder. A number of people have their eyes fixed on the challenges that come with 4c Afro hair that they fail to appreciate its versatility . 

About a month ago, we lost another Afro Queen (actress/celebrity) to the chilly hands of relaxers. 

Omo! For this one,  I was heart broken to say the least.

I get it, it’s not easy and talk is cheap, but I would like to declare boldly that I am for the fro, and I rep the fro.

Please make it loud o, I might be a late comer to the coily hair party but I am most definitely a front liner and recruiter! 

Nobody can tell me nothing! my 4c hair is gorgeous, even with its profound shrinkage. Please tell me, what’s not to love about it? 

  • Hair that can take any shape or form 
  • Hair that is blessed with length versatility and keeps non 4c damsels mesmerized
  • Hair that is literally larger than life and could almost never be ignored or easily forgotten.
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Beautiful girl with big fro

God really blessed us Afro queens with crowns worth fighting for. 

 Gone are the days where our understanding and knowledge of 4c (hair) behavior was sparse. Now our eyes and ears are open to better, and less tedious hair care practices and products . 

Yes! Keeping 4c hair takes a lot of will power and unadulterated, consistent work, but the results after the work has been put in would keep you proud and fulfilled. 

Now let’s talk about Loving your 4c hair. The  love affair is more solid when it comes from a place of hair positivity, regardless of its state. Yes darling, no negative pronouncement is allowed on your crown, that is certainly counter productive . 

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Sayings such as

  • Oh! Why is this bloody hair too difficult to comb
  • My dead beat hair can never grow
  • This hair strands would forever remain dry no matter what products are used
  • My hair is ugly

Ahn ahn! Sister you too examine the gravity of things you say to your beautiful crown. If your hair could speak, do you thing it would thank you for this bashing? How on earth do you expect something you constantly put down to thrive? 

We have to work on changing those pessimistic words over your beautiful, God given crown to optimistic ones. Speak life onto your crown instead. 

I am a firm believer in confessions. So I would be dropping seven positive hair confessions that would come in handy any  time you start to get weary about your hair. 

Just make these confessions 

  1. My hair is a beautiful flower and it blossoms with tender loving care.
  2. My coils pop all day long because they are natural 
  3. Moisture has got nothing on my 4c hair
  4. Detangling , is a breeze for me there shall be no tangles or knots with the right products
  5. I mesmerize each day with my 4c hair styles
  6. My crown thrives with each passing day as I feed it with the right products
  7. My shrinkage is beautiful and breath taking 
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Now this is how to speak life into your 4c hair! Make your confessions and do the needful with a consistent hair care routine, your hair would definitely respond with health and length.

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