Let me tell you about my tweenie; Dami

Back in Secondary school I met a variety of humans, some super nice with golden hearts, and others not so cool but we move. 

Dami was one of the nice ones with a golden heart. To top it up, this beautiful babe and I share the same birth date, month and year.

Like fam! I discovered we were born about an hour apart. Can you beat that? It was absolutely amazing to me back then, and it still is. 

So, I officially got acquainted with Dami in Junior Secondary school 3, and some how we became seat partners. The funny thing is that some teachers usually got confused and mixed us up a lot.
You see, Dami and I were both skinny and petite, we were almost the same size back then lol!

I would never forget that day in Junior Secondary school 2 (JSS 2) when she had a bottle incident with her leg and was rushed to the sick bay. 

Yes, you saw correct, Junior Secondary 2. We were in the same class from Junior 2 but we never really spoke or interacted as such. Of course I felt sorry about the bottle incident. 

The next day, a certain beautiful intro-technology teacher asked me about my leg on the veranda and also expressed her  shock on seeing I recovered fast. 

I couldn’t help but laugh before bringing to her notice the hilarious case of a mistaken identity. Dami was still recuperating,  either in the hospital or at her home, I didn’t have the details because we weren’t remotely close back then. 

Fast forward to a year after, we became great friends in an amazing group of 7. It sounds silly now but back then, I and my group of friends called ourselves the “super 7”. 

In this beautiful group, there was something similar to subgroups. You see, some folks were closer to others and then we had about two middle babes that rocked at both sides. The truth is that I love my friends, Many of them came through for me at the most trying and confusing period of my life. 

I bless the name of the Lord for the real ones who stood by me through thick and thin. Of course Dami was a front liner amongst them. 

The worst had happened in my final secondary school year, and it seemed impossible to cope with the University qualifying exams. Infact, my school life and circle pretty much changed after an unfortunate turn of events.

Those I thought were my good friends began to shed their scales and I got to see them clearly. I remember one babe then that would practically see me and turn the other way, or just plainly ignore me after the incident.

It was tough moving on, I was young and clueless about life. I couldn’t comprehend why somethings were happening, but in all, I give God massive thanks. 

The important thing is never to doubt God’s plan for your life! He loves you, and he does keep his promises. 

To the babe and many others who misbehaved back then, I honestly hold no grudges. Unforgiveness is a burden I never want to carry. I would rather be free, and bask in the joy given to me by my Heavenly Father. 

So here is why I am telling this story. We say things sometimes and we have no idea of how much our words or actions could impact on others, but sometimes they do. 

I would never forget what Dami said to me years back after the show of insensitivity from one of my classmates. She said……. “Don’t pay them any attention, your God is with you and for you, he would make all your dreams come through for everyone to see. She particularly mentioned my dream of becoming a Medical doctor.” Now she might not have uttered these exact words, but this was definitely the message her comforting words carried.

Darlings! At the time, I didn’t even know if I could seat for any of my Senior secondary school exams and pass them. I mean, this was after being away from school for such a long period. All I can say now though is that the ways of God supersede that of man! 

He is an almighty, caring father that makes impossiblites possible on our account. The challenges were steep but he was there through the ride, and to him I give all the glory. 

Back to the purpose of this post! My tweenie and I share a special bond lol! Fast forward to our 30th birthday, we, by some form of miracle pulled off a joint shoot!🥂

Brethren it wasn’t looking feasible, orishirishi dey occur for my end. Like I have mentioned severally this particular shoot was almost cancelled but Dami was persistent and a major determinant of the shoot. 

So, I had initially mouthed a joint shoot to her at the beginning of the year! At this time other factors weren’t in play. I remember her response lol! 

She said, I would really love to do this shoot against all odds! My mind didn’t go as far as reasoning what odds she must have been referring to.

Lo and behold, my darling Dami was preggo! I only realized it when I attended her mum’s 60th/retirement party and it was beautiful to see her pregnancy glow! She looked stunning!

But then I remembered I had promised her a shoot! Ah! I didn’t want anything stressing her o. I tried to convince her about postponing till our 31st, after all we were going to be “31 on the 31st” baby! How many people get to say that?
Dami however insisted on this particular shoot, and I had to make it work somehow!

At the end of it all, the master planner up in heaven took over and made everything perfectly beautiful. I repeat, this is one shoot I am extremely happy, and grateful for. The icing on the cake was welcoming our precious Baby girl two days to our 30th birthday!

More than amazing Fam! 

This our God is an amazing Father, and to him we give all the glory! 

Find a few of our pictures attached below. Stay blessed guys!❤️

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