Shea moisture’s Coconut and Hibiscus kids Detangler (review)

Hi guys! I am here literally dancing and excited for my very first product review!!🥁
I chose to review this product first because it is super dear to my heart.

So get me, Like with many other hair and cosmetic products, there would be certain strengths and of course a few weaknesses. Regardless, I absolutely love this product.
It is a hair product for kids, so inadvertently it is one of the game changing products that has kept my little munchkin’s hair on point for over a year now.

My baby boy’s hair sort of ushered me into natural hair living!

I came to a proper understanding of how to deal with 4c natural hair, all thanks to his gorgeous coils!

Just in case you are wondering, yes, he has never had a full haircut. I give occasional trims myself, but he has never paid a visit to the barber’s shop.

I and his dad decided to let his hair grow out till he is old enough to make the decision on what hair style works best for him.

Trust me though, making this decision comes at a price. Considering his dad is close to clueless on the maintenance/care of 4c hair, I bear the brunt of the weight. One of the amazing product breakthroughs on his hair journey is this awesome “Shea moisture Coconut and hibiscus Kids extra moisturizing detangler.”

Now that I have introduced y’all to this awesome product, let’s get right into the review.

Product promises

This product promises to keep thick, wavy and unruly hair frizz free, shiny and well moisturized. In other words, it is a mild moisture rich treatment that is expected to detangle, define and tame children’s unruly hair without any greasy feel. It is also expected to restore luster to dry and dull hair while conditioning.


Please permit me to tell you from my point of view that it does hold up its end of the bargain and to a very large extent. Illd tell you why.

You see before I stumbled on this product on a fellow hair enthusiast’s you tube page, I struggled terribly with keeping my son’s hair moisturized!

Like guys his hair be like Sahara dessert things! But the moment I laid my hands on this miracle of a product, everything changed for the best.

The difference is absolutely clear!

Now before we go into the pros and cons of the product let me quickly run you through the product listing to give you confidence in it’s safety. The amazing thing is that every high falloting chemical/botanical name in the product listing is explained in clear terms with a bracket.

Ingredient list

  • Water
  • Glycerin: pure and non-toxic, moisturizes especially on non-chemically treated hair
  • Panthenol: strengthens hair and retains moisture
  • Behemtrimonium chloride: serves as an antifrizz agent, generally considered safe except in concentrations greater than 0.1 percent
  • Propanediol: considered safe, helps to increase hydration in hair in synergy with glycerin
  • Althea officianilis(marsh mellow root): brings on the slip and helps to reduce knots and tangles
  • Ulmus fulva (slippery elm bark extract): Alsintensifies the slip
  • tocopheryl acetate(vitaminE); helps to support healthy hair and scalp
  • Hibiscus Extract: nourishes hair follicles, soften the hair and make it more manageable
  • Caprylic triglyceride: Unique mix of fatty acids helps to repair hair surface and retain moisture in curly hair
  • Cocus nucifera coconut oil : moisturizes the hair and is good for the scalp
  • Shea butter: contains bit A and E, adds moisture and shine to the hair
  • Simmondsia chinesis (jojoba seed oil)
  • Triethyl citrate: ecofriendly, non-toxic film strengthening agent
  • Caprylyl glycol works as a preservative agent, preventing bacteria from growing and spoiling the formula
  • Benzoic acid: also acts as a preservative, has no real effect on the hair
  • Essential oil blend: to add fragrance


  1. It’s smells amazing! There is this sweet feel to the smell that oozes coconut mixed with that hibiscus goodness. This means they are true to their ingredient listing. Smell is mild and gentle to the nostrils, and an absolute delight!
  2. It does come through with its promise of detangling, defining, moisturizing and taming unruly hair without the greasy feel.
  3. It gives instant shine to dull hair! This one is tested and proven!
  4. Not pricy for what it offers, you can currently get it on retail at $9.99 dollars directly from the Shea moisture website or other affiliated foreign websites or better still, grab it physically at a supermarket (most times I get mine at Lekki’s prince Ebeano supermarket) for #8000
  5. Ingredient list is pretty much safe for kids.
  6. Leaves no residue or dreaded build ups like many other products.


  1. Spray bottle stops being useful easily. With the few bottles I purchased in recent times, their pumps somehow get stuck and seize normal functioning. It is always quite annoying but could be easily fixed by pouring constituents in another spray bottle.
  2. You are guaranteed instant moisture and shine but it doesn’t last forever. At the most, you get only 3-4 hrs. of moisture locked in. This can be tweaked though; the trick is to use it with other moisture aiding and sealing agents. i.e a good conditioner and oil to seal it up.


I would give this product a solid 8.5 out of 10, it is highly recommended for kids with really dry and unruly curly/coily hair.

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