Length Retention Tips: How to retain length with your curls/coils 

Length retention

Length retention would forever remain a thing of pride! Somehow, it serves as proof that you are on the right track. Though difficult to show off for us curly/coily girls thanks to shrinkage, retaining maximum hair length is still very joy giving, both personally and publicly. 

As strange as this may sound, it is nothing but the truth, many black queens still struggle helplessly with retaining hair length and it is really heart breaking, especially because they are oblivious to the key answers to achieving their hair’s full potentials. 

Permit me to share with y’all how I have been  able to take my then newly transitioned 4cm long coils, to about 10cm in just 2 years. 

But first let’s get into a brief biology of this hair growth thing.

Biology of Coily hair growth 

Not to bore you with medical Jargons or anything, but you should know that the scalp skin like every other skin type has both a dermis and epidermis. It is from these layers, that the hair follicles responsible for the growth of hair on your scalp originate.

Hair follicles are tube like structures/openings on the skin surface through which hair grows out of the skin. The biology of how this happens might not be fun to gulp down, but you could find out more about the biology via my post on scalp health. Link to the post can be found below.

Now you see, our hair should grow by about 6 inches per year. This means we expect a growth rate of about half an inch per month. That being said, Length retention would become a drag with continuous hair breakage which could be caused by a number of factors including constant hair manipulation and split ends. 

Today, we would discuss the various causes of stunted hair growth and also how to facilitate length retention.

Causes of stunted hair growth 

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An Indefinite romance with split ends

There is this saying I became accustomed to growing up, it goes; you need to let go of the old to usher in the new. That saying absolutely applies here. Split ends might seem to add to the length of your hair, but trust me girl, they are so deceptive and would only draw back your length retention goals.

2. Hair Manipulation is an addiction

Girl! you need to ease the excessive hair manipulation and take a chill pill. Yes, you could style your hair every once in a while but ensure it is in always in moderation.

3. You choose violence with your strands

Curly/coily strands are super delicate and should be treated as such. Don’t comb your hair strands like you are trying to punish them, it is a huge recipe for hair breakage, instead please be gentle and choose peace. 

4. You have the hots for heat

If you are that babe that runs to the hot blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons, then I am sorry to break it to you but stunted hair growth is knocking vigorously at your door step. 

5. Hair TLC isn’t your thing

There is no way your hair would thrive when you neglect it. You might hear this a lot but it is the absolute truth! You need to get on top of that hair game and carve out that much needed hair care routine, else you would be stuck with hair strands that refuse to blossom.

6. Your hair is always so thirsty

The moisture quotient for curly/coily hair is intense. When your hair thirsts and you make zero efforts to replenish depleted moisture, your dry strands would inadvertently begin to break and in turn oppose length retention. 

7. You never detangle properly

There is a technique to properly detangling your curls/coils. Detangling the wrong way, and with the wrong tools, could cause a world of heart ache and hair breakage, ultimately leading to reduced hair growth.

Now that we have discussed the preventable causes of stunted hair growth, it is only right to delve into hair practices that would improve length retention. 

How to promote length retention of your curls/coils

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  1. Get your trims when due! Don’t postpone taking out those split ends or hold on to them for any reason. Let go of those baggage Sis!
  2. Key into protective hair styles to reduce excessive hair manipulation and give your hair strands a much required breather.
  3. Always detangle and style your hair gently. Avoid pulling on your strands and ensure you work with well moisturized coils always to avoid breakage. Work in smaller sections from ends to roots and never vice versa.
  4. Air drying your hair is usually a better option to subjecting your strand to extreme heat in the name of blow drying. Trust me, heat damage is never a pleasure to deal with and could potentially ruin length retention chances. If you must use heat, then invest in a good heat protectant.
  5. Scalp massages go a long way into stimulating your hair follicles to grow healthier and longer coils. Always remember to give your scalp a good massage every now and then.
  6. Hair TLC is non negotiable, you need that hair care routine girl! stop playing. Wash and deep condition your hair at least once a month or twice when possible, and always follow through with your LOC { Liquid, oil and Cream} regimen to keep moisture locked in at all times.

With a follow through of the above pointers, your hair should be on its way to glory and maximum length retention.

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