Feminine hygiene (proper care of your female garden)

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This is more of a let’s talk kind of post from a female and medic point of view. I have questions to ask and opinions to share!

Ladies, what is your definition of proper vaginal hygiene?

I hope it’s not the ridiculous act of washing your genital area day and night with soap! If it is why sister? I am honestly in tears on your behalf!

Please stop harming yourself in the name of being clean! Water remains the best proven agent that keeps the vagina clean. Some literature argue that mild soap won’t do any harm but I beg to differ, water has been doing just fine.

The act of washing the inside of your vagina with soap is known as douching and it could cause you serious problems such as Urinary tract infections or even worse, pelvic inflammatory Disease.

And no! There is no such thing as a toilet infection guys! It is absolutely non medical.

Urinary tract infections popularly known as “toilet infection” is actually not acquired from the use of dirty toilets. It rather occurs as a result of an imbalance in the bacteria and yeast flora of the vagina, resulting in a disproportionate increase in the number of these organisms in the vagina to the point that they could cause inflammation.

This flora distortion may occur due to several reasons including unabating microorganisms, sexually transmitted diseases, hormonal changes, and inappropriate use of antibiotics (this we would speak about later on). It may also occur as a result of vulva and vagina reactions to foreign bodies.

To know more about Urinary tract infections including symptoms, kindly click on the link down below, it would guide.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): Symptoms, Causes, Treatment (webmd.com): Feminine hygiene (proper care of your female garden)

Now back to the matter, what should you do and what should you avoid to maintain proper vaginal hygiene?

Dos and don’ts of feminine hygiene

  • Ensure that you clean your vaginal area at least once a day with warm and clean water even when you skip a shower
  • Only purchase and wear cotton panties as they are much more comfortable and healthier
  • Be weary of the things you allow into your vagina please! Foreign objects are a huge source of infections
  • Practice safe sexual intercourse using the barrier method (condoms) to prevent sexually transmitted infections or at the very least stay faithful to your partner and vice versa
  • Do not share sex objects with anyone, not even your partners.
  • Always remember your vaginal area, especially inside the vagina is a no soap allowed zone
  • Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice to help with fewer incidences of Urinary tract infections.
  • Always change your panties, tampons and pads when necessary to prevent aiding and abating of micro organisms
  • Try to avoid wet underwear, always ensure they are dry instead before sliding them on
  • Do not wear your swimsuit for too long after stepping out of the swimming pool or Jacuzzi

If you can abide by most, if not all of these hygiene guides, I can confidently tell you that your feminine hygiene would be top notch.

On a final note, Your vaginal health is very important, trivializing it isn’t an option. Remember, health is wealth!

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