13 delicious Lunch recipes for work!

Lunch is a meal of the day that is skipped by most working class folks, and sadly so. While breakfast still remains the most important meal of the day, Lunch also pulls up as an essential meal of the day. 

Imagine working every fiber of your body to make good money; both in the physical sense and intellectually but failing to refuel. Trust me, your production level would be half of what it should be. 

No one thinks clearly on an empty stomach. While ensuring Lunch isn’t heavy enough to knock you out, there is definetely a need to make it filling, nutritious and appealing to the palate. 

One other important detail about a good Lunch option is that it must either be easy to whip up early in the morning before setting out to work, or it has to be a meal that can be stored overnight to avoid time wastage the next morning. 

Therefore,  I am making this post with the sole purpose of helping any working class foodie out there who has ever had  issues picking out meals for Lunch at work. Let’s get into it.

13 Lunch options 

1. Smokey Nigerian Jollof rice

I can boldly say that there is no one on the surface of this earth that would refuse a legit smokey Nigerian Jollof rice mash up for Lunch. Combine this with some plantain and peppered chicken and your work day would continue to remain pleasant. 

Now, this meal might seem a bit difficult to whip up early in the morning but can definitely be prepared before hand and stored in the refrigerator until needed. Same as the peppered chicken. However for the plantain part, you could choose to leave it out or quickly fry some to accompany your jollof rice for lunch. 

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2. Spicy, veggie, stir fry noodles

Be honest with me, did you give a side eye when you saw noodles? Please hear me out. 

Yes I know, storing noodles isn’t really a thing, plus it tastes funny when cold but this is different. It isn’t your regular noodle recipe. It is a spicy veggie, stir fry edition. The consistency and texture of this particular kind of noodles isn’t your regular, it’s stir fry baby! I dare to say, it could even be stored and popped in the microwave the next morning fam. I have tried it and I can testify to this recipe. 

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3. Mouth Watering Gizdodo

Gizdodo is a hit on its own! Now serve it with any carb of your choice, and it’s true beauty would be unleashed to your taste buds. This serves as a perfect lunch option when eaten with Rice, bulgar, couscous and even pasta. What’s even more amazing is that it could be refrigerated for a long time. 

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4. Creamy Chicken Alfredo Pasta

This is one recipe you don’t want to miss, trust me, it isn’t your regular. It is amazeballs! Try something new today for lunch and thank me later.

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5. Asaro with a twist

Ehh! “Asaro that makes brain” that is well cooked Yam porridge with any protein of choice for lunch, would increase your energy and productivity level but please don’t eat to stupor, moderation is always key.

IMG 8831
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6. Ewa Agoyin and Plantain

Ok, this particular combo might seem controversial due to its gassy side effect. So illd say, that if your have your own personal space/ office at work, you could definitely rock this for lunch. As long as you can deal with the gas that most times come with the package.

IMG 7295
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7. Tsj’s Special Intercontinental Fried rice

This loaded intercontinental fried rice is a must have in your lunch menu. Packed with all the nutrients you need to fight through a busy day, it is definitely a lunch essential.

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8. Pasta and Bolognese Sauce with Meat balls

First off, if by any chance you have no idea on how to whip up yummy bolognese sauce, then today is your lucky day. Check out my bolognese recipe, I know it is one that would serve you for years to come. Yo! Why skip lunch when you could have pasta and bolognese sauce. 

IMG 7792
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9. Goat Meat Curry Sauce with Rice and Peas

Goat meat in any meal, has this irresistible juicy flavour. Each time I have it in any form, either as Asun, or in curry sauce, it always feels luxurious! Take a break from regular soups and stews, and try your hot/steamy rice with some goat meat curry sauce for lunch soon. 

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10. Mac and Cheese; (The naija way)

Mac and cheese used to be a dream I only heard in foreign movies, but now I can boldly say it has become a favourite in my house hold. Possessing the knowledge to assemble mouth watering mac and cheese is nothing short of amazing. Try this banging recipe for Lunch soon and thank me later. 

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11. Couscous and Chicken Curry Sauce

It is always very shocking to me when people swear they have no idea what couscous is! Like how fam? Just in case you are in that band wagon, please jump down right now! Couscous has to be one of the most delicious alternative for rice and is a great option for lunch especially when paired with chicken curry sauce! Try it today and thank me later folks.

IMG 8044
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12. Stirfry Jollof Spaghetti

Well made stir fry Jollof spaghetti is a win for me, any time any day. Having it for Lunch however sends my taste buds on a journey of appreciation! You know those stir fries where you have lots of veggies, proteins and all sorts of yumminess cuz in there? Yep those ones, they are always great for Lunch.

IMG 8042
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13. Chicken and Potato Fries a.k.a Chips

Oh my! This one ehn it is an absolute favourite for me, especially when there is a nice sauce aside ketchup to accompany the chips and the chicken is well seasoned/tasty! Work day just became a 100 times more pleasant!

IMG 8041

With my list above, I am confident that planning for Lunch would become a breeze with little/no need to brain storm for options. You are definetely most welcome❤️

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