That Peppered Chicken recipe you need!

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How many of y’all grew up fantasizing about chicken peri peri lol! I know I did. Infact there was this favourite restaurant my dad used to take myself and my brother to when we were much younger. It was known as KAz chicken back then. I doubt they are still in operation today. Memories of their peppered chicken however still lingers till date and these memories make me quite euphoric. It was simply the best peppered chicken outlet at that time.

Peppered chicken is a fan favourite, anytime, any day.  It’s a matter of making it right and getting hooked for a life time. What’s more is that you don’t have to break the bank to make a tasty peppered chicken.

Without further Ado, Let’s get into this amazing recipe.

What you need


  1. The First thing  to do is to prep our pepper mix. Saute/lightly fry the roughly blended pepper mix in a bit of oil and add some bouillion cube seasoning for taste. Then set aside.
  2. Get your juicy, cleaned chicken Laps and pat them dry.
  3. This step is very important, you need to make a few incisions on the chicken skin to allow the juiciness of the spices sink into every fiber of that chicken.
  4. Then we start the massage magic, massage your bouillion cubes, black pepper spice, paprika spice, suya pepper spice, onions powder and a bit of Greek youghurt to tenderize the chicken faster.
  5. Last but certainly never the least, get your prepped blended pepper mix and do your final massage. 
  6. Glaze your chicken with some oil and the. Roast in the oven, or fry with an air fryer and turn evenly to allow for all round cooking
  7. Serve with some fries and experience some taste bud bliss. 
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