Fenty Icon velvet liquid lipstick; MVP 1 ( review)

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I am super excited to review this gorgeous lipstick. Ever since Rihanna dazzled the world at her super bowl with the iconic red velvet liquid lipstick, it has been heavily on my mind fam! I literally could not rest until I got my hands on this amazing product. 

So, I purchased mine from a Canadian Sephora store. Guys! This lipstick was sold out in almost every other store I checked. That speaks a world of volume. I know that Fenty being a make up brand by a renowned musician is already push enough to drive massive sales, but there must be something else about this product that makes it sold out in no time. 

Let’s look into the product and dissect it shall we? 


Now, I would be lying to you if I don’t mention the gorgeousness of the iconic velvet lipstick. It comes in a pretty black pack and is adorned with the golden “FENTY” print boldly written on it’s pack, alongside other product details. This luxurious black pack opens up to a somewhat rose gold cylindrical case, whose beauty I must say is unmatched. Find pictures attached above and below. I really commend the manufacturers of this product for the effort put into aesthetics. 

The actual lipstick case opens to a brush applicator which is usually typical of a lip stain, however this in actual sense is rather a liquid lipstick. 

The lipstick colour is a dazzling bright red shade that is intended to suit almost all skin tones with a blue red undertone.  If I am being honest, the major product I would compare the iconic red velvet liquid lipstick to is Mac’s ruby woo. As far as I am concerned they are very similar with only subtle differences. 

It’s total net weight is 5.5g/0.19OZ and retails for about 38 Canadian dollars y’all (a bit pricy, I know hun!)

Now that we catch the appearance drift, the next big question is………..Does it do what it claims to do?

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If there is anything I love about a product, it would be the authenticity of its performance claims. I definitely do not like being promised things that are not well delivered. I would instead appreciate manufacturers/ vendors being true to their promise. 

On the pack of this product are some boldly written promises which are as follows: One swipe, full coverage colour, long lasting, velvet matte lipstick.

Did they keep to their promises? Let’s take each promise in strides.

Yes, this lipstick is highly pigmented and creamy in consistency. With just one swipe, you legit get all the coverage necessary for your lips. Infact, little is more where this product is concerned, they told no lies. 

However is it long lasting?

Hmmm…….for this part, long lasting has to be clearly defined. Are they talking about a few hours? Or do they mean the whole day? 

What I would say though about the lasting capabilities of this lipstick is that being highly pigmented gives it a huge push.  Bear in mind, that it is not smudge free or transfer proof. It gives off a world of product with every lip action. Being super pigmented however, makes it difficult to get the red colour completely off your lips.

For the final promise; which is velvet – Matte finish, illd break it down simply by saying that the finish you get on your lips would depend largely on the state of your lips at the time of application.

Let me explain. You see, the very first day I used the Fenty icon velvet lipstick, I had a lip balm on prior to its application. That day I struggled to appreciate the matte effect of this lippie. When I tried it again, the story became quite different. The difference this time was the absence of a gloss prep. The matte effect was real guys and it felt great on my lips; not too dry to cause lip cracks and absolutely smooth. 

So let’s just say that the Fenty crew put the promises of this product on its pack with confidence knowing that they aced every single claim. I absolutely love products that keep to their side of the bargain. 

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Product ingredients

If I am being honest, I don’t know much about most of the ingredients listed. I however checked them out to ensure they posed no health risks. I can assure you that there is no health concern with regards the ingredient listing. Find the full ingredient list on below.

Dimethicone, vinyl dimethicone, crosspolymer, Isidodecane, polyglyceryl 2 triisosteara, PEG 10 dimethicone, tribehenin, diisteardimonium hectorite, propylene carbonate, red 6 lake, red 7


Now to the final buisness of the day, with all that has been said and done, I would give this product a solid 7.5. 

The iconic liquid velvet lipstick has made quite an impression and is definitely a lippie I feel I would grow to love even more. Like I mentioned previously, it is very much similar to my all time fave red lippie (Mac’s ruby woo) You can also check out the review of this gem via the link below. 

So that’s all with my review guys! Just for information purposes, there are other gorgeous liquid lipsticks from Fenty in this same line, and I intend to get around using and reviewing them as well. Till then, it’s bye for now with the Fenty lippie review.

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