30th shoot 11 (The full scoop 3)

My people! They say a bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush.

That is the story of this second shoot o! I must have cancelled the shoot about five times in my head out of frustration. Pulling through with it is a miracle in itself.

Why the need for a second shoot?

It’s not breaking news that I am a sucker for pictures and making memories. While I had done that with the first birthday shoot, family members weren’t included. So, I needed to make memories with family too.

Then again, I have this amazing friend with a heart of Gold who I constantly call my twin from another mother. Guys, I and this baby girl, were given birth to on the same day, month and year, about an hour apart.

Amazing right! I feel super blessed to have her in my corner. Over 12 years of friendship and we are still waxing stronger.

So the thing is that at the beginning of the year, we planned to take pictures together seeing as we were turning 30. I had given her my word and promise. But as October approached, challenges followed.

Honestly Dami was a huge driving force to the success of this second shoot. I didn’t want to disappoint her.

And the icing on the cake; she was carrying my darling baby girl! Never would I ever, want to make a pregnant damsel unhappy or distressed. She seemed excited about the shoot so I had to wither the storm.

Awon storms yen por gan! Orishirishi was occurring! SEGE seeing pro max was in play. Tears, anger, frustration, regret!

My photographer this time was the amazing MichealBolajiphotography (MB) and I was going to snatch my face all by myself as per Tsjmakeovers✌️

Let me just quickly say that MB is a photographer turned family friend. Right from the time he took my wedding introduction pictures, we knew he was a keeper! Awesome photographer that’s what he is, always compassionate and ready to help out with beautiful pictures when needed.

Back to the story

Before the storms started to shake me, I had gone all out with actually making a dress guys.

My dress was to be a white, angelic detachable tulle ensemble. This outfit cost a foot and an arm but at the time I didn’t mind, especially because I wasn’t having any lavish party remember?

A certain dress designer known as style riche who was introduced to me by a colleague at work did justice to the dress.

My second outfit for this look was a beautiful custom made blue dress from 4eyfashion. There were some minor adjustments during the first fitting of the outfit but the brand corrected it to perfection.

Though everything seemed well initially, it got chaotic weeks into the final planning. Life decisions had to be made, the shoot was the least of my problems at the time. Mehn, I was dealing with much and much was dealing with me!

The shoot was for the 25th of September and if you read my post on “my calm in the midst of the storm” you would know that my September was not smiling!

I put a call through to MichealBolaji with an obviously distressed voice, to cancel one of the looks I had initially drafted out, the stress of the whole thing was getting the best of me. But for the fact that I had made a few part payments, I would have cancelled the shoot totally.

I can never forget how calming speaking to MB was, he sympathized with me and lifted my spirits in preparation for the shoot which was a few days away.

If you would like to see the concluding part of this beautiful story, kindly check back to satisfy your curiosity!

Yo guys, its actually my birthday Today!

TSJ is a certified October 31st baby! 🥂

Please feed your eyes with my amazing pictures below and let me know if it was worth the stress loves.

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