30th shoot 11 ( The full scoop 4)

I am back, let’s end the shoot story shall we?

We left off a few days to the shoot. As the day got nearer, things started to look up, it seemed like there was a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

I think I might have spoken too soon, 2 days to D Day, something disturbing started to occur, what was happening was absolutely beyond my control and very distressing. I had initially planned to fix beautiful nails for the shoot but couldn’t follow through with it owing to the issues I was dealing with at the time.

Thankfully things got better, and I put myself in the right frame of mind to slay the look. I finally came through with make-up trial the day before the shoot. This was to ensure there were no surprises and that the beat would meet up to expectations.

I spent a fortune on some amazing products by the way, these products made the beat stay put all through the day! I would give more details about them in a separate post.

I kid you not! As an oily skin girl, there was no single iota of oil shining through the beat, sweat was also kept in check to my amazement. I say again for those that have refused to believe it, using authentic products from great brands makes all the difference needed.

So in my previous post, I am sure you saw some red roses as part of the set up yeah? Pulling that set together was filled with a lot of drama!

Let me explain

I knew this particular shoot had to be different from my previous birthday shoots, so when I spoke with MichealBolaji (My photographer), he suggested a classy backdrop set. He also recommended a decorator whom he had previously worked with and did the most by linking us up. .

After speaking to her, she sent pictures of the set options available and I made my pick, which cost way more than I had envisaged. As you can see from the pictures it was definitely worth the stress and Drama.


Yes dears, Drama! After making a 70 percent deposit of the agreed price, my decorator calls me 3 days to the shoot to inform me about a price hike,

I was disheveled, confused and angry

Why did she up the price you might ask?

It was because she realized the shoot was to take place in my home on the island (pricier side of town)

She had initially thought the shoot was happening at MB’s studio in Ikeja.

I would never forget the day she called, I was in the vehicle with my husband. We took a drive out to sort a pressing need. As soon as she brought the increase in price to my notice, I lost it with her on the phone.

People, I was shocked at how upset I got. I was super frustrated and stressed at the time especially with my personal issues that, I began to weep. Surprisingly, my decorator followed suit.

Like what? One thing that I would never want to do is be the cause of another human’s tears. That was definitely not me! I would never want to knowingly cause anyone tears or sorrow.

When I realized it, I paused for a few seconds and apologized for my outburst . Then I told her why I had the outburst in the first place and how things have been super stressful for me.

I eventually agreed to the price increase after she humbly explained why it was required. Short of the story, we met ourselves in the middle.

On the day of the shoot I realized what a sweet and amazing fellow Jisola is, her business handle is known as @eventflairng on social media. Just in case anyone is looking to get premium decorative sets.

The day of the shoot was finally here!

All things work together for the good of those that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28.

Everything went on smoothly people! You can surely see that from my pictures.

I am ending this story with gratitude to God for taking control and also for the blessing of a new age.

This is 30 guys!🥂🍾

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