An Official intro to my first baby! (DERIN’S PLIGHT)

Besties! I am super proud to inform you that this baby girl is actually a certified author! Yep! I don’t only write short stories, I also have a book.

*Drum rolls please*

You see, this very first self-published work of mine was birthed in 2018. It is something you could sort of call a diamond in the rough, it solidified my writing prowess and bragging rights as an author. I refer to it as a diamond in the rough because it was written at a time when I was trying to figure out this writing gig.

When I look back at the writing journey so far, I am grateful for so many things

  1. My heavenly father for the profound talent of writing! I believe He deposits these talents in us just so that we could use them for his Glory!
  2. My amazing family members who believed in me when most people felt I was playing around. My Dad was the very first reader of my book! like fam he actually read the book from beginning to the end with his reviews coming in super handy being a gramarian himself. Next up was my darling husband Adetokunbo who normally won’t be caught anywhere near any book that isn’t medical, but surprisingly read my book from the beginning to the very end! And then there is my brother! Where do I even start to explain Fam! Tolu thought me to dream big and quit being mediocre, he single handedly published my book on his own accord. Guys he did a lot, I can proudly bring this book out in hard copy thanks to him. He is literally the angel God sent to make my dreams a reality!
  3. Another thing I am grateful for are the dissapointments! People of God, in this part of the world, writers are seen as jobless jokers, except you are a Chinua Achebe or probably a Chimamanda. If you have no renowned mentor in this field, you would probably quit out of frustration. However these disappointments have molded me into the better writer that I am today.
  4. The tears and Laughter, The tears from rejection and dissapoinmtent pushed me to persevere to the seasons of Laughter. Every feeling is actually valid!…………The power to be extra ordinary lies within you, believe, persevere and let it all out.
  5. Finally, I am grateful for some strategic friends our good Lord placed in my circle who pushed and encouraged me at my writing lowest! the truth is no one can succeed at anything great in isolation. You need all the support you can get from quality family members and friends.

This book is currently on sale on Okada books and Amazon, and while I have made my fair share of profit from it, I feel it is time to gift it out free to anyone interested in reading it on my site. The only thing illd appreciate you doing for me in return, is subscribing to TSJ’s various platforms. Our newsletter on this website and our Youtube channel so you never miss any good tidings from this end. Thank you so much Darlings!

I would end this post with the book’s synopsis just so you have an idea of the story plot before delving into it

IMG 6355



Derinsola Cole, the only child of renowned scientist; Adetola Cole would stop at nothing to avenge her father’s death. She forges ahead on her mission despite pleas and warnings from several people around her.

Sope Bello (her childhood friend) who was put in charge of the homicide case considers the assignment a huge punishment. He would rather not be involved with a troublesome lady who dissappointed him years back.

In her quest for revenge, she stumbles on a shocking revelation about her family dynamics that leaves her devastated. Derin pulls through with Sope’s help and discovers love in its purest and untamed form.

Their love is however threatened by Derin’s persistence to seek justice for her father.

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