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Sweet people of God! You know that popular saying that goes round after every September?

Yes, the one that goes……”it was a September to remember,” This statement seemed like a pretty basic one to me till September 2022 happened!

With the month almost at its end, I can boldly say that it is definitely going to be a September to remember!

In this Unique month that the Lord made, I have been through a lot and a lot has been through me, if I may say so.

September ushered in new beginnings, painful endings, outstanding miracles from our God of possibilities, as well as life changing news.

The events were simultaneous and all happened approximately a month into my third life decade. In all however, I give maximum thanks to my amazing father for seeing me through each challenge.

September isn’t quite over yet, but knowing the kind of Heavenly Father I serve, I know that all would definitely work out for my good!

I opened YOU VERSION’s word for the day quite late a few days ago, and after such a beat down, incredible day, I came across a Bible verse from the book of psalm. It goes……..

When I look at the night sky, and see the works of your fingers_ the moon and the stars you set in place_what are mere mortals that you should think about them? Human beings that you should care for them.

This is a verse describing the greatness of the mighty God we serve!


If we are being honest, we do not deserve the kind of Love or friendship he so graciously and mercifully showers on us. Infact, to call ourselves his friend, daughter or son is a privilege I still can’t get over! It is definetely a huge priviledge and I am grateful that our mighty father thinks me worthy to be called his. I also heard something magnificent recently that has stuck ever since I heard it, it goes………….

There is nothing too big for God to handle, and nothing too small for him to care about.

I used to analyze every single thing in past times, I would usually say, …….”This particular problem is too trivial to bother God with, ill’d handle it myself. It is better to take only the big ones to him.”

Now when I remember those times, I can’t help but laugh. I have come to realize that God, as mighty as he is, cares about our tiniest detail and life event. Amazing isn’t it?

Back to the subject matter at hand, September!

September 2022 has been a magnificent month. Considering it is just a month away from my 30th birthday I did not foresee all that happened within this short time frame.

It has been a lot! Some of the challenges shook my very core and have not been easy to deal with. But you see this our God ehn! Gbagbe! He does things in grand style and has such an amazing sense of humor.

While you, his child tries to kill yourself with worry, he is already sorting out your issues. Why don’t you lay all your burdens at his feet and don’t be stubborn like me.

At the time when the gbas gbos were becoming unbearable , I honestly didn’t know how to pull through the month.

The truth though is that, God never gives us more than we are able to handle, especially because he is always there to bear the weight for and with us.

I almost missed a close friend’s wedding this September because the pathological Liar who we refer to as “the Devil” tried to distabilize me. As always, he can’t and would never succeed.

God stepped in, took control and made the situation calm enough for me to attend said wedding. It was nothing short of a miracle considering the events of the days that followed.

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The look to my friend’s wedding courtsey my G; bellevousmakeovers

Just as Jesus mentioned,………….in this life, there shall be trials and tribulations, but take heart I have conquered the world.”

The trials were choking, but guess who saw me through them?

GOD himself!

If you have ever heard the song…….”Praise you in the storm, ” you would know why that song makes so much sense.

I am not only a child of God when the blessings come, but also when the tribulations appear. I trust him completely and though I might not understand his reasons for certain things, I love him still.

This post is dedicated in loving memory to my amazing Aunty and Big mummy. I love you, Mrs Aderinsola Badmus, Keep resting in paradise.

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