The power of worshipping

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I heard from an elderly man as a child, about his perception of heaven and eternal life. The picture he painted was Uber beautiful.

He said; “We were created to praise our heavenly Father in his most high kingdom, I see a beautiful palace of worship, with all of mankind aligned, glowing and singing unending praises to him.”

I still have goosebumps thinking about it! Simply amazing! Isn’t it? 

The thought of singing beautifully to the one who cared so much for us that he gave it all up, comes nothing short of incredible. You see, illd have to confess to you, one of my strengths in my relationship with God is worship!!!  I still struggle a bit with the word and the art of praying. However, growing  in his words and advancing my prayer life is certainly top of my goal list. 

You see this Worshipping hen!! I am convinced I was made for it. This baby girl can worship and sing to him for years with Joy in her heart! There are just too many amazing songs out there to pass up the opportunity. 

So today, illd be sharing my top ten worship songs on iTunes in no particular order. Just so you know, there are still many amazing worship songs out there yet to be discovered, so my preferences would most definitely change later on. These particular ten songs light me up every single time I listen. It is always a blessing starting my day with these amazing numbers.

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TSJ’s top ten worship songs on itunes

  • Move your heart – by Maverick city music
  • My worship – by Phil thompson
  • What a beautiful name – by Hillsong worship
  • Good good father- by Chris tomlin
  • Bless the Lord(son of man) – by Tye tribbett
  • Never lost – elevation worship
  • So will I (100 billion times)- Hillsong worship
  • The God who stays -by Matthew west
  • 10,000 reasons (bless the Lord) – by Matt redman
  • Promises- by Maverick city music 

So what do you think? Do you know any of these songs? Would you like to listen to them? 

If you are a dedicated worshipper like I am, I am sure you would love most, if not all of these amazing numbers. 

There is nothing more beautiful than giving praises to the one that has kept us for all these years. Get this, he owes us nothing but still, he shows us mercy and consistently pours out his love. Singing a million songs of worship wont even do to honour our great king! May the good Lord bless us as we continue to worship his holy name❤️❤️

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