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A Basic beginner’s guide

Hey Naturalistas! The fact that you are right here in this beautiful moment is definitely no coincidence.

Let me take a lucky guess, it’s either you just had your big chop or you are currently on your transition journey from relaxed to natural hair living.  You are also most likely sourcing for as much information as can be gotten on your new hair phase.

Whatever the case is, Not to worry I got you! It is safe to say that I have dabbled in all hair phases; the relaxed, transitioning, big chop and currently the natural phase.

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Natural hair living baby!

Story time


TSJ made an arduous decision to transition from a super healthy relaxed hair to her natural hair on the 2nd of February 2021 and then proceeded with her big chop on the 25th of September 2021. Someday soon, illd share a story of what prompted my decision to transition as well as my big chop video.

So yeah, I have been natural for 7months now but I had been relaxed all through my earlier years. I practically struggled as a “Newbie” in the Natural hair world, it took a lot to understand this new texture and hair length/shrinkage. I am definetely still learning and unlearning a couple of things, but trust me, there have been days of intense frustration. I wouldn’t want any of you lovelies to suffer this same fate hence my reason for this blog post. Let’s trash out any pending frustration here and now. 

Ten important hair tips (I wish I knew earlier)

1. Transition at your pace girl!

Never let anyone pressure you into getting the big chop till you know you are ready. People would talk, some might say your relaxed ends would impede the natural roots from growing but take their view with a pinch of salt. I now know that this remains a huge fat lie!

2. Manage your textures

For my transitioning Ladies, y’all are the real MVPs. Having two very different hair textures on your head at the same time is no walk in the park. While I transitioned, my investment was tilted towards products for natural hair. That was the goal right? However, my once healthy relaxed ends quickly became frail and started to thin out. The sight wasn’t pretty and I couldn’t cope anymore, so I opted for the big chop. The real challenge is the ability to manage both textures with suitable products and avoid terribly neglecting the other. My advice for you, is to Invest in products that cater to both natural and relaxed hair. We would delve into recommended products as we progress.

3. Pour out the love sis!


You have just got to love your hair regardless of it’s state to do it some justice. You cannot embark on this journey with “hair resentment”  Make conscious efforts to understand your hair, be observant to it’s likes and dislikes. Always remember, that nothing is permanent and there is always a solution to every problem, trust me! It would make absolute sense with time.

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Love your hair sister!

4. Get your big chop done by a professional

Don’t emulate TSJ lol! I had my big chop in the comfort of my bed room with big scissors and a dressing mirror. Moral of the story, I had uneven ends and still had to visit the saloon for a proper trim.

5. Be intentional about your hair, make plans!

Now you are fully natural! Please, please and please, never leave your beautiful hair unattended to. Create a hair routine that works perfectly for your hair. Remember, what works for A might not do it for B. Here is the thing, some hair textures love the full works(pre poo, shampoo/ deep condition) twice a month while others thrive better with the monthly full works. Always ensure that your hair is well moisturized and stretched to avoid dryness and unpleasant tangling. Basically, the Liquid, oil and cream methods work just fine for most hair textures. It is also very essential to figure out your hair porosity /density to aid your product choices. Don’t fret, we would figure it out together.

 6. Invest in the right tools

There are certain combs that are considered enemies to our beautiful coily hair, ditch them Sis! they would do you dirty! Those rat tale combs with narrow teeth, and the likes can cause damages to our fragile hair with severe breakage. I would suggest you get yourself a detangling brush or a perhaps a wide tooth comb, they get the job done with no worries,  An Afro comb/picker is also in line, and please!! 🙏don’t forget to add a silk or satin bonnet to that cart gurl! You need to protect the blossoming flower on your head while you sleep.

7. Choose your products wisely

It is important not to jump on every natural hair product wagon presented to you.

“So how then do I know the right products to purchase?” You might ask. 

I would say that though experimenting sometimes is the key to discovery, do your due dilligence first, read product reviews from trusted platforms, use products channeled towards people with similar hair textures as yours. You are also in luck my darling! I am here to help. I would be reviewing a world of natural hair products as we progress on this journey.

8. Protective hairstyles make all the difference

It is no secret that your choice of hairstyle can go a long way in preventing breakage and also help to retain maximum length. Trust me, I got you on this one, we would be discussing all you need to know about protective hair styles pretty soon. 

9. Love your shrinkage darling, and never get weary

If you have the type 4c, high Elasticity and Shrinkage prone hair like I do, showing off your length can be a serious challenge but guess what? There is beauty in your shrinkage. That’s your magic gurl! Own it!😉

10. Finally! Remember to breathe

Yes it’s not all glitz and glam but it is totally worth the stress in the long run Naturlista! Make a conscious effort to enjoy this journey and breathe every step of the way.

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Be sure to check back for my next post on the Natural hair Lingo. You get to familiarize with all the natural hair terminologies and words you need to understand on this journey. You don’t want to miss this one. Till later✌️

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