The beauty of Liquid makeup highlighters

The discovery of liquid highlighters is almost simultaneous to striking gold y’all. In case you are clueless about what they are, I am here to tell you everything you need to know.

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What are highlighters? 

Highlighters are make-up products that are used on the highest points of your face such as the cheekbones, cupid bow, along the bridge of the nose, and even the brow bones to make them pop. They are typically make-up products that help to reflect light and boy do they bring on the glow! 

Now these products could come in a variety of forms including ; Liquid, crème and powder forms, however our spot light today, sits pretty on Liquid highlighters. 

Liquid Highlighters

These are known to add a different dimension to your face beat when compared to their powder counterparts. While powder highlighters can give that blinding glow to your “haters”, liquid highlighters give more of the “lit from within radiance”. They add a believable natural glow to your face. 

Liquid highlighters are pretty versatile and are best applied using the finger’s warmth to evenly distribute its pigments. When applying liquid highlighters, it is good to know that very little usually goes a long way.

I absolutely love good liquid highlighters. Asides from highlighting the highest points of the face, a liquid highlighter could also be mixed into your favorite foundation for that all round, light reflecting glass glow effect. Amazing, isn’t it?

Permit me to deviate slightly, I previously loved to mix highlighters into my moisturizer/primers every now and then, as opposed to mixing them into my foundations. The result I must say was usually mind blowing! 

But guess what guys? We actually have illuminating/ highlighting moisturizers/primers in existence now. In other words, the manufacturers have done the good old mixing for you, all you need to do, is apply the illuminating primer/moisturizer to your gorgeous face. This is certainly what I refer to as; double for the trouble. Illuminating primers provide that luminous and glowy finish you are certain to love! 

A few of the good illuminating primers I currently know include the laura mercier pure canvas illuminating primer and the reckon photo ready rose glow hydrating and illuminating primer.  

Likewise a few great luminous moisturizers out there include: Olay luminous time perfecting cream, cover fix luminous tinted moisturizer, Tm essential luminous moisturizer. These are only a few of many other amazing illuminating primers and moisturizers out there guys. They are game changers! 

Grab one of each today, and I promise you won’t regret it. 

Back to Liquid highlighters! 

Let us quickly discuss the advantages of owning a liquid highlighter. You would be surprised at the usefulness of this make up product, a good highlighter would certainly give you a run for your money.

Benefits of Liquid Highlighters/Illuminators

Guys, trust me when I categorically tell you that the benefits of using liquid illuminators know no bounds! While the powdered highlighters are known for being more pigmented and chunkier, their Liquid counterpart, boasts of a nicer, finely milled consistency with a soft outlook. What’s more is that the Liquid glow is easier to control. This is because most of them come with application droppers and are known for their impeccable ease of blending well into the skin.

Let us examine the benefits in detail.

  • Ease of control; Having full control of pigmentation levels with liquid highlighters is a breeze. They are easy to blend and build up with each drop applied. Increasing and reducing the intensity of your liquid highlighter is as easy as dabbing off the excess with your beauty sponge, or adding more of the product to the sponge as required.
  • Highlighting the highest points of your face: As we might already know, highlighters were solely popular for adding some radiance/glow to the highest points of the face such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow, until its many other uses were discovered. It is however still famous for doing just that. Highlighters would add a wash of glow to the high points of the face with no reservations.
  • Body glow/highlighter: The day I made this particular discovery, it honestly blew my mind! Did you know that highlighters could be mixed into your body oils for an all-round radiance. if You didn’t, well, now you know! You could rub it gently on to your arms, chest and even your legs and the results would be unbelievably great!
  • As an eye shadow base; My fellow make-up connoisseurs, these ‘magic’ products could also serve as a good shadow base or perhaps add some shimmer to complete your shadow work. Did I hear you say ‘wow’? My thoughts exactly. What cannot be done with Liquid highlighters in the make-up world literally does not exist.
  • Mixing into your foundation; Like I mentioned earlier, these products could be mixed into your foundation for an all-round glass like glow effect.
  • Could make for a great highlighting primer/luminous moisturizer: Thats not all fam, these products really serve! Mixing them into your primers/moisturizers is also a thing. Then again, some people choose to replace their primers totally with highlighters. While this may not work for oily skin, it is a nice hack that dull and fatigued skin types could benefit from. Why you still haven’t gotten one yet baffles me.
  • Mix it with your cream blush: Finally guys, just as cream and liquid blushes are now the in-thing for that beautiful, flushed look, they could be made to glow. Did you ask how? It is simply by mixing in some highlighter to your liquid/cream blush. You would be absolutely glowing and flushed in no time.

TSJ’s favourite Liquid highlighters/Illuminators

If you have started to key into the use of liquid highlighters, but you are overwhelmed by the truck load of product brands out there, not to worry, I got you. I would be sharing with you some of my favourite liquid illuminators/highlighters at the moment to inform your decision. I would be spilling on what I love about them and share one or two of the not so desirable details. 

1. Nyx Born to glow Liquid illuminator

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This multifunctional moisturizing formula has been a steady go to. It can be used as a a solid highlighter over the cheekbones, forehead, cupid’s bow and chin for a natural-looking radiance. 

To the best of my knowledge there are 4 yummy shades of this beauty. From the lightest to the darkest shade they include ; sunbeam, gleam, pure gold and sun goddess.  

The perfect shade for you, would depend on your skin tone/complexion. Sun goddess in my opinion is usually perfect for the super fair/pale complexion beauties, Gleam could also work, however it is better for fair/medium skin tones. Pure Gold is a banger for the medium complexion skinned damsels while Sun goddess brings on the melanin goodness for Meduim/dark skinned Queens. 

With that being said, I personally use the Sungoddess and it is usually a hit with every use. I find that it pops better when a little quantity is mixed into my foundation for an all round glow. 

This particular brand of liquid highlighter gives me a cool and calm effect, this is a no tacky shine zone. 

Guess what guys, it is also super affordable! I definetely recommend the Nyx born to glow liquid illuminator

2. Absolute New York liquid illuminator

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This I must say, is the first “Absolute New York” product I personally own. I bought it a full year back at a drug store out of desperation, and for the lack of availability of my chosen brand at the time. What I am trying to let you know, is that I had no idea it would eventually become a treasured item. 

The manufacturers of this product made it quite easy with the two shade representation . In essence, you either get the shade in spotlight or afterglow.

Now, I don’t own, neither have I used the shade “spotlight” ever before, but I do possess the “after glow” shade and I am here to testify it it’s goodness. 

This particular highlighter in my opinion, works best when mixed my moisturizer, or as a solid highlighter over the required regions. 

Just as it’s name suggests, the after glow after a full face beat/skin work on my face, is usually quite intense and beautiful.  The absolute new york liquid illuminator spotlight and absolute new york liquid illuminator after glow are pocket friendly fave and a must have. 

3. Nuban beauty D’Glow liquid highlighter

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The Nuban beauty brand is a home grown /local brand that has been doing the most in serving quality make up products. Now I got their liquid highlighter in the shade sizzle which is said to be a universal shade. In my honest opinion, this highlighter brings out the most glow of all illuminators I own. It comes in other 3 other shades namely arya, aurora and ecstasy. 

I find that the particles of this highlighter are a bit more chunkier than those of my other highlighters, so I am not very keen on mixing it with my foundation. However as a solid highlighter on the cheekbones and other necessary areas, “for the lit from within feeling “ it works girl! Omo this glow be blinding.

Another thing this highlighter is great for, is bringing out that radiance on your chest and neck area after your dewy make up is set. 

Infact, this highlighter is capable of making pretty much any area of your body glow with a glass like melanin effect, including your legs. To achieve this effect guys, all you need to do is mix in some of the product with your body oil and distribute around the area of your body that you need to glow up. The rest like they say is history! 

This product is one asset every baby girl actually needs in their box. 

4. Melanie mills Hollywood gleam body radiance

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Is there any make up artist where I am from that doesn’t own this gorgeous ensemble? Almost none I tell you. This brand though quite pricy is sure to make you the glowing queen of any event you step into. With 4 shades in the bag (disco gold, bronze gold, bronze gold and deep gold), I find the deep gold more suitable for my skin tone/shade. The Melanie mills Hollywood gleam body radiance is however quite pricy for size.

Other great highlighters out there

Now of course every good discovery is golden, however the fact that I love some particular product lines won’t stop me from trying others out.

If there is one thing you should take note of where I am concerned, it is that I never shy away from new discoveries. 

Here are some great highlighters other make up enthusiasts swear would be totally worth your funds and time. I plan to add one, if not all of them to my collections. 

Kevin Aucoin glass glow face illuminator

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I am aware that Kevin aucoin is a luxury brand, and  also that it isn’t only about the big name for them, but more about their delivery of quality products. I hear the Kevin Aucoin glass glow face illuminator is super slick with a sheer, shimmery gloss. This is definitely on my radar.

Milk Makeup Bionic Glow Illuminating Liquid Highlighter

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When you hear about any milk makeup product, best believe it would be of great quality and value. I have also got my eyes on the Milk Makeup Bionic Glow Illuminating Liquid Highlighter guys. I hear it is super slick and hydrating with the ultimate glass glow effect.

Charlot Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

I was actually a stranger to this brand until very recent times guys. The hype on this product is majorly drawing it to my to list! I would be a proud owner of the Charlot Tilbury Beauty Light Wand pretty soon! 

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Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight

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Growing up, I loved watching Selena Gomez on Disney shows. To think she has a product that is said to suit all skin tones and making a hell of waves, the Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight is a must buy for me! 

It’s a wrap guys. It has been an absolute pleasure to have schooled you on the diverse and endless possibilities as far as liquid highlighters are concerned. If you were previously stalling on them, I implore you to give any of my above listed a trial today. I am confident that you would thank me later.

See you at my next make up post, Stay beautiful queens!

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