My make up story

Ever wondered how make up junkies/lovers are born?

Well, they are born like every other human. We however have our unique stories, and I’lld be sharing mine today. It’s only fair that you know how it began before stringing you along on this beautiful journey.

Many centuries ago,………… (ok, just kidding)

While in my pen ultimate year at medical school (2013), yours truly had a silly crush on a fellow classmate.

Now that I think of it, I was super smitten. Trust me, this hardly ever happens. I barely had time for frivolities during this phase of my life.

But guess what?

On a very heartbreaking Monday morning, this said crush “gifted” me a sly and most embarrassing comment. Emphasis on the word “gifted”.

Yep! Your girl was disgraced, but not to worry, it was for the greater good!

He said and I quote…. “it’s strange that a pretty girl like you can’t even manage to brush her brows in place.

On this very day, I was hot with shame! But like every other strong lady, I hid it well and walked away with my head held high.

That day, I made a decision to do the most at maintaining/enhancing my natural beauty.

Beauty store to the rescue!

When I say I was clueless on my first visit to the store, trust me, this is no exaggeration. Thankfully, a super pretty attendant noticed my confusion and literally became my make up tour guide. She was pumped with excitement and happy to share her little tips and product knowledge with a newbie like me.

It is safe to conclude that this very day, was the day of inception of my make up journey.

My first trial was laughable, even a clown looked better than I did. Brows looked too dark and out of place, colors flying all over my face, you know the drill.

The three “p” (s) have however consistently pulled me through and have kept me going till date……. persistence, passion and practice. You tube helped a great deal, especially with the foundation moments. I learnt useful tips and tricks from make-up videos widely dispersed on this platform.

Then it got better!

My paths crossed with a now, dear friend and Sister…. Mojisola aka bellevousmakeovers. She had initially been my official makeup artist to events, and I remained stuck to her like glue.


It’s coz she is that good!

There was no turn up party with Bellevous on my face beat, that I wasn’t heavily complimented. Below are some of her amazing numbers on my pretty face for your viewing pleasure.

MJ as I fondly call her sharpened my face beating skills with her beginner and update make up classes, each lasted for about 2 weeks.

I most definitely cannot end this write up without sharing my dislike for head ties (popularly known as Gele)

Geles have always been a great cause of distress to me. MJ knew this and occasionally teased me about it.

There was this one time I paid for an update Gele class but never showed up to complete it. Geles are just too technical for me; you really never know what to expect with them. Some are finely textured/soft, while others are super hard and hell to the fingers. Then there is the sizing: style ratio problem, where you have to figure out the size compatibility of your Gele and the style in mind. Don’t get me wrong, they are divine when worn, but Ill’d rather wear than tie them.

Make up artistry and Product knowledge have always been and remain my true loves in the beauty world. Time has been good to my skills, and I definitely see the growth. My progress like I mentioned earlier has been borne out of persistence and perseverance.

You can check out some of my amazing beats on models and clients alike below. Or better still, visit my Instagram page @tsjmakeovers for your viewing pleasure.

Now that you know how it began, it is safe to extend my invite to you on this fun journey of cosmetic enlightenment and product awareness.

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