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Who is “TSJ” of TsjMakeovers.com you might ask? Well, let me break it down real quick. TSJ is a medic that has chosen to defy the norm.

“You can’t cope as a medic with these other things you burn for”

Unsolicited advisers always repeat, but each time I reply with a smile and of course a big No! You know why?……..

“The Perfect haven for Beauty & Cosmetics, Hair care, Wellness, Food/Recipe, Fitness and Lifestyle enthusiasts”

Recent Articles

Beauty & Cosmetics

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Understanding Make up Colorimetry

Hi guys, I know this is the second time I am approaching colorimetry, but trust me, this topic can never be overemphasized. If you are a make-up artist or enthusiast alike, there is no way in the world you would escape being a pro at colorimetry, else I am sorry to tell you, but you

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Back to Basics

A beginner’s navigation guide into the cosmetic world This one is for my make up newbies looking for direction in this amazing world of cosmetics.  So, you are becoming aware of this magic called make up, and you are totally into enhancing that beautiful face of yours. The big question though is, how and where

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How to start a beauty blog

On Becoming a Beauty Blogger Hi loves, it’s good to have you back. So I have a quick question……”Ever had dreams of becoming a beauty blogger?” If your answer is yes, are you actualizing your beauty blogging dreams or are you chickening out for fear of failure? Have no fear, TSJ is here lol! Trust

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Skin types (make up edition)

Ever wondered why some cosmetic products slap great on a person’s face and the same products come out a  total mess on another individual? Look no further for your answers Fam, I have the blueprint right here. It is most likely due to a difference in skin types.  I have breezed through the subject topic “skin

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TSJ’s Skin Care Routine

INTRO Hi guys, I woke up this morning, feeling like this post was long overdue! Let me tell you a little secret, my past idea of skin care was avoiding chemicals on my face and using only the best make up products. The fear of bleaching and damaging my face back then was so real!

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My make up story

Ever wondered how make up junkies/lovers are born? Well, they are born like every other human. We however have our unique stories, and I’lld be sharing mine today. It’s only fair that you know how it began before stringing you along on this beautiful journey. Many centuries ago,………… (ok, just kidding) While in my pen

Health & Well Being

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How to Potty train a toddler (A mother and medic’s view point)

Let’s be honest, this subject matter is usually a huge elephant in the room!  When the cost of diapers becomes a bit too overbearing and your growing toddler gets overly comfortable in them, what quick actions could you as a parent take to salvage the situation? I would be giving my two cents of insight

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Headache (Basic things to note)

So guys, I strongly felt the need to make a post about headache today. Low key, it is a super common complaint among patients and can occur in different forms with varying etiologies (causative factors). Please note: All Headache no be the same o! I ain’t about to school y’all on the pathophysiology or what

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Eating healthy for that sexy beach body (To exercise or not to exercise)

My people! There is no point trying to give y’all any unnecessary zobo! Everyone knows that I love food, and I am confident that food loves me right back! This right here is a proud and unapologetic foodie ✌️ But the downside of being a foodie is maintaining that healthy drop dead gorgeous weight!  Ko easy

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Antibiotic misuse and abuse

Be honest with me guys, what’s your relationship with antibiotics like? Is it a romantic love affair where you gulp down tabs with every slight inconvenience and perceived morbidity? Do you also self medicate? If you do, my big question is WHY? Please o stop the horror, you are doing your body no good. What

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Cerebral palsy (Focus on Epilepsy)

I honestly feel it would be a huge disservice to myself and my  previous work place to skip making a post on Cerebral Palsy. I have stories to tell Fam! Thankfully, no names are attached to my stories as that would be unethical, however I would share a few for the sake of enlightenment.  Before I

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Feminine hygiene (proper care of your female garden)

This is more of a let’s talk kind of post from a female and medic point of view. I have questions to ask and opinions to share! Ladies, what is your definition of proper vaginal hygiene? I hope it’s not the ridiculous act of washing your genital area day and night with soap! If it

Hair Care

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Introduction to type 4 hair (determining your curl type and understanding the fro lingo)

Hair porosity, shrinkage, cowash, humectants, elasticity………these are words thrown around in the natural hair community today. They might be a little overwhelming to the newbies. Not to worry darling, I would be breaking down most of these words and even more today coz you totally deserve to know queen! But before we talk the talk,

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Relaxed versus Natural hair (pros and cons)

INTRO I have a friend who attained a huge milestone with her relaxed hair from an advice I gave her at the time. Back then, she was oblivious to the role leave in and deep conditioners would play in her healthy hair care regimen. However, after tapping into this golden knowledge, she made exponential progress

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Hair Conditioners (Best regular, rinse out, co wash and leave in conditioners for 4c hair)

What’s up guys! I bring you a very hot and Juicy topic today that is sure to empower your hair game!  Do you know that the sound knowledge of conditioners might just be the missing link between you and the hair of your dreams? Trust me, it is no exaggeration. Getting your conditioners right could

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The Natural Hair Buzz

A Basic beginner’s guide Hey Naturalistas! The fact that you are right here in this beautiful moment is definitely no coincidence. Let me take a lucky guess, it’s either you just had your big chop or you are currently on your transition journey from relaxed to natural hair living.  You are also most likely sourcing

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The beauty of 4c Afro hair

The beauty of Afro hair lies in the eye of the beholder. A number of people have their eyes fixed on the challenges that come with 4c Afro hair that they fail to appreciate its versatility .  About a month ago, we lost another Afro Queen (actress/celebrity) to the chilly hands of relaxers.  Omo! For

IMG 68691

How I saved and grew my edges back (combating edge hair loss)

Y’all, I have a story to tell about my edges! Dedicating this one to any queen out there that is currently in the same quagmire I found myself last year, hoping you find this post useful. I now completely believe that a head full of hair with scanty edges would never really appease the eyes.

TSJ’s Food Recipes

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TSJ’s Shawarma recipe (The classy ensemble)

Yeah, yeah! Everyone rants about how unhealthy fast foods are, shawarma included but we all secretly love them and overindulge! Is shawarma really unhealthy though? I feel it depends on the angle from which you are looking at it. I mean, it’s a yummy meal made with some veggies (cabbage, carrots and even bell pepper

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TSJ’s Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Pasta is one gold mine that continues to serve and give delight. I am using this opportunity to appreciate the Italians for their pasta versatility, and uncountable recipes. What those people cannot do with pasta does not exist lol! From the spaghettinis to the pennes, pasta remains a staple delight in many homes. I am

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Let’s Make Banana Bread

INTRO Oh my! Banana bread is one of the yummy and versatile goodness of this world, but could be super tricky to make.  I have flopped so many times with making banana bread but that has never stopped me from trying again. The great thing about banana bread is that you could spice it up

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15 Homemade smoothie Recipes by TSJ

Absolutely delicious mash ups Hello fellow foodies!! I have a confession to make As much as I love to cook and eat, I absolutely loathe consuming whole fruits. I battled with haemorhoids for years before discovering the gold mine; smoothies. You know that popular saying………. “If you can’t eat it, drink it,” I absolutely agree!

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How to make Akara (Bean cake/Fritters)

Fail proof Akara recipe…………… All I have today, are childhood memories of those super cold mornings. You know, those ones after a heavy night-time downpour, when a delicious breakfast of hot Akara/Custard would follow through. Did I hear someone say “goodness, yes I remember, but unfortunately I am no good at it” Your story is

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Oat meal Banana Pancake

Not your basic pancake recipe………….. Are you a pancake lover? If you are, trust me you are going to explode with joy when I am done sharing this particular recipe. This is not your regular pancake, permit me to call it a heavenly mashup, because it brings only bliss and great memories after each bite.💃🏻💃🏻

An Author’s Collection

IMG 6355

Derin’s Plight (Cut 1)

DERIN’S PLIGHT –  A REVENGE QUEST GONE AWRY Dr Titilope Joacquim Copyright ©  Joacquim Titilope 2018. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted into any retrieval system, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written

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Dining With The Enemy (Prologue)

The red-Jups set off for their initiation ceremony; This was a yearly ritual performed judiciously to prove the loyalties of the new recruits. The first two days of hunting had been futile. This night held no promise still.  The clap of thunder and lightning bellowing through the humid air, announced the heavy downpour’s mission. It

IMG 2536

Ewa’s Scars

As a little child, I despised showing up to fancy parties. The “Prim and proper, rich kids” usually had this appalling sense of perfection that I felt would one day consume them. They would point and stare with flagrant disgust at the long lines of torture carefully inscribed on my petite face. I immediately became

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Innocent Criminals

It was about 8pm that unfortunate evening when father sent Tola to buy him a cold bottle of water. Gbenga who had just arrived from the village stuck to Tola like they were Siamese  twins. “I would like to follow him Sir,” Gbenga screamed just before Tola walked out of the sitting room. Mr Father

muhammad muzamil 7S9x9US26Ow unsplash

The ultimate price

Riches over poverty………… Living in a materialistic world like ours has revealed in more than one way that, being poor is a serious crime. Everyone therefore strives to make wealth for themselves either through legitimate channels or in most cases as we see, through dubious means. Sadly, the gap between the rich and the poor,

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In Limbo

The “DR” prefix I woke up this morning with a tight feeling in my chest. My head felt quite heavy and I had dizzy spells as I imagined the worst. I was too feeble to make the school trip for the check of my re-sit results. This was my final chance. Perhaps it was ridiculous

Top Rated Posts

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30 Breakfast ideas

I hope we all remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, it is always essential to get it right and have varieties available. It is also necessary to keep it nutritious, but light enough to pull you through, perhaps a busy morning.  As a home maker and mother,  there have been

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MAC’s ruby woo (product review)

We all know that certain lipstick shades/colours look better on certain skin tones.  You would usually hear that, peach, nude, coral and dusty red are lipstick shades that look gorgeous on the fair or light skinned. While, berry, rose, cherry red, and mauve are the perfect choices for a medium skin tone. What if I tell you

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Braid bumps

Hi guys! It’s no secret that I have a love/hate relationship with braids. On a scale of hate priority, braid bumps rate quite highly on my braid cons, coming closely behind edge hair loss.  Don’t get me wrong queens, braids are absolutely gorgeousl! Especially when done right, however when it isn’t done the proper way,

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10 game changing make up hacks I bet you never knew

Hi guys, if you are a make-up enthusiast like I am, then I bet you are constantly looking for ways to improve your make up routine. Now sometimes, we come across a truck load of hacks, some work out fine and become part of our routine. Others don’t seat well with us and are trashed.Trust

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How many ounces are in a cup? 

This question, as simple as it sounds goes a long way in the culinary world. You see, determining dry and liquid servings are essential to acing most food recipes. These recipes, sometimes found in cookbooks (magazines and online), actively list the specific quantities of ingredients and use various measuring units to avoid food flops. A

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