Glamorous Smokey eye makeup tutorial

Smokey eye makeup is one look that’ll always spark curiosity. It’s a seamless blend of colors and shades that makes sense.

However, I understand that the smokey eye can seem like a mystery to those just starting their makeup journey, a weird combination of dark eyeshadow and blending techniques.

But fear not, aspiring makeup artists, I’m here to help!

This guide will be your compass, navigating you through creating a classic smokey eye and transforming you from a novice to a pro!

Let’s get started!

What you need

Eyeshadow primer

Eyeshadow palette

Fluffy blending brush

Flat shader brush


How to Do a Smokey Eye Makeup

Set the base with a primer

Just like regular makeup looks, a flawless smokey eye also requires priming. You know, that first step sets everything in place for you to work your magic.

Priming is crucial in creating a smooth canvas for your eyeshadow. So, before applying the colors, apply a thin layer of primer to your eyelids.

But because we’re trying something different here, you’ll extend the primer slightly beyond your crease. This primer will act like a double agent, first ensuring your eyeshadow adheres smoothly and evenly and second preventing any unwanted creasing throughout the day.

Choose the perfect color and shades

Once the priming is done, grab your eyeshadow palette. This is the part where you unleash your inner artist.

First, you’ll choose your color and shade. The classic smokey eye traditionally embraces a spectrum of greys and blacks, creating a look of timeless elegance.

Brown smokey eyes offer a softer, more approachable look, perfect for everyday wear. But consider using bolder colors like plum or charcoal for a touch of drama and intrigue.

However, you can always experiment with something different. Remember, it’s all about versatility. So don’t be scared to pick a color you find most appealing.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a palette with three harmonious shades: a light base shade, a medium crease shade for adding depth, and a darkest shade for building smoky intensity.

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Start Light

For this step, you’ll begin with a gentle touch of color. Using your fluffiest eyeshadow brush, pick up the lightest shade of your eyeshadow and sweep a light layer of this color all over your eyelid, extending upwards towards your brow bone.

This base shade acts as a blank canvas, providing a seamless transition for the darker shades you’ll add.

Defining the depths and create dimension

After the lighter shade is set, you’ll need to add some depth and dimension. For this step, you’ll use a blending brush and the medium shade of your preferred eyeshadow color. This will add some definition to your crease.

With the fluffy blending brush, apply some of the medium shade and gently sweep it into the crease of your eyelid, focusing on the outer corner and blending it inwards towards your bridge.

The key here is proper blending, so keep blending until no harsh lines separate the colors. What you should have is a soft and smoky diffusion. Remember, a well-blended crease is the cornerstone of a flawless smokey eye.

Getting it all smoked up

This is where the real smokey magic unfolds! For this step, you’ll need your darkest eyeshadow shade with a denser brush – flat shader brush will be a great choice for precise application.

Apply this color to the outer corner of your eyelid, concentrating it on your lashline – this will be the focal point of your smokey look.

Then, gently buff out the edges with your blending brush, diffusing the color upwards into the crease and slightly outwards towards your temple. This process is more like softening the edges of the colors, creating a hazy and smoky effect.

And as usual, blend until there are no harsh lines of demarcation.

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Adding drama with winged eyeliner

For extra definition and drama, eyeliner becomes your next tool.

Line your upper lashline with a black or brown pencil, depending on the intensity you’re aiming for. A black pencil will create a more dramatic look, while a brown pencil offers a softer, more daytime-appropriate definition.

If you want a smoother, more seamless blend, you can smudge the line with a brush to create a softer, smokier effect. This will help seamlessly blend the liner with your eyeshadow and prevent a harsh, drawn-on appearance.

But a liquid eyeliner can also be used if you prefer something sharper and more dramatic.

Grab those lashes!

No smokey eye is complete without a generous dose of dramatic false lashes. But before going in with the lash, you’ll need an eyelash curler or a mascara to get your natural lashes out. You can even use both.

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and then apply your favorite mascara, focusing on both the upper and lower lashes. After this, layer on the false lashes. The length and volume of this is entirely up to you. So pick whatever works for you.

Finish up

With all that blending, there’s bound to be some fallout, particularly shadow dust that falls below your eye. But it’s okay.

All you need is a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover. Use this to clean up any eyeshadow dust around your under-eye area carefully.

For a wide-awake look, apply a touch of highlighter to the inner corner of your eye. This will help balance out the smokiness and make your eyes appear brighter.

You can also set the look with translucent setting powder. This will prevent creasing and ensure your look lasts all day or perhaps all night.

And voila! You’ve just created a classic smokey eye masterpiece.

But let me add, though, that practice makes perfect. Of course, you won’t get the perfect look on your first trial, but trust me, it gets better as you try.

So have fun, experiment with different colors and techniques, and you’ll be well on your way to creating perfection.

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