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Why having perfectly drawn brows is important

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Don’t get it twisted beauties! Brow business is serious business.

How your brows are drawn could make or mar your face beat!

Now there are many technicalities and intricacies to drawing the perfect brows. It goes way beyond picking up a pencil or shading your brow hairs. There is versatility in brow drawing techniques as well as diverse product availability. From the cheaper Davis eyebrow pencil to the more expensive Mac brow pencil and brow pomades, brow slaying has taken on a new dimension. Many opt for less tacky and natural looking brows these days.

If I am being honest, the brows are one of the most important components of a facebeat. It speaks volumes to how flawless your look would eventually turn out. Terribly drawn brows could make a perfect skin/eye work go unnoticed. It is therefore important to give your all, always where brows are concerned.

Factors that aid perfectly drawn brows

Now, there are certain factors to consider when seeking to draw those drop dead gorgeous brows, they include

1. The color of your pencil/brow pomade in comparison to your brow hair colour

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You know, God made us all in beautiful shapes, colors and sizes! All glory to him!

Just as the strands of our (crown) hair vary in color, our brow hairs also come in varieties! Understanding this helps to realize that not all shades of eyebrow pencils are suitable for certain individuals.

The trick is to use a pencil color/ shade that is slightly lighter than that of your brow hair, always avoid any shade that is darker than your brow hair, else you would end up with unpleasant, shaded and inappropriate brows.

Some pencils however seem to come in universal shades which are claimed to work for every skin tone. For these kinds of pencils, the intensity of color would depend on the pencil’s handler. That is, the manner in which you go in with your pencil would be the determine how faint or bold your brows would turn out.

2. The size/ shape of your brow

People of God, please make this one loud o!

We all don’t have the same brow shapes. Except for the facial reconstruction surgeons who give themselves and clients alike different outrageous brow arches with their pencils, every other decent lady/make up enthusiast out there would always work with the natural brow arch.

What have I not heard before?……… Please make the arch reach the sky, it’s too short, it is too long, it is too slim, it is too fat.

While some complains could be valid, others are mere banters of a troublesome client. Why not leave the brow buisness to the professionals.

Drawing brows for other humans could be very traumatic honestly! Some have unbelievable expectations. Then again, there is the preference variety, where some like it drawn in a particular way, and others don’t.

Please note that having brow shape preferences does not make any brow drawing style superior to the other. It is important to do you always as long as it makes you happy. Please avoid feeling intimidated or rating your drawing skills inferior based on the preferences of others.

Would you believe that some people love their brows super bushy/messy, I mean with lots of hair, as opposed to the over drawn and concealed counterparts?

I repeat, do you, and never feel intimidated by anything or anyone.

3. Your brow behavior!


Some folks are blessed with brows that never want to behave or slip. Their brow hairs are always in the habit of standing upright and turning on their own, regardless of the countless spoolie brushing. If you are one of these peeps, then a brow tamer should be your best friend!

Brow tamers helps to keep the brows in check and ensure that they stay put. Don’t compare yourself to those whose hair strands stay put, and grab a brow tamer today.

4. Drawing skills

No doubt, it takes skills to draw the perfect brows. If your hand is unstable and trembles at the slightest lift, then “a ma ni problem o” (There would be trouble)

Drawing the brows requires a certain level of focus and steady hands! One little mistake could ruin your super star brows.

The trick is to follow your natural brow lines and arch, don’t go over the top and start carrying your brows to a place they don’t know please.

Light, gentle strokes usually give the natural feel required if you are into natural brow looks.

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Steady hands come in handy, especially when concealing/ cleaning up freshly drawn brows.

Once the pencil/pomade is the right shade, and you follow your natural brow arch and lines, you are good to go my darling. All that is left, is practicing to upgrade your skills.

You could watch more brow tutorials on YouTube or get a personal tutor till you get the hang of it.

Alternate way to get gorgeous brows aside pencils and pomades

Now, not everyone is so stoked about the idea of drawing their brows themselves. Infact, I know people that cannot draw their brows to save their lives. There are easier, cheat ways out of this particular situation baby girl.

Thanks to the invention of semi- permanent brows (micro blading and shading), slaying gorgeous brows has been made much easier.

One sure plug for the semi permanent brow is my baby girl @ bellevousmakeovers. She does such a great job and she is quite affordable. Find her IG contact link down below guys.

Don’t go and give your brows to people who would draft out semi permanent disasters on your face please. That would end in premium long lasting, disastrous tears.

I hope that with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince you that brow business is serious business.

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