7 Easy Breakfast Ideas In Pregnancy

Many studies have proved breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. If you’re pregnant, it is of even more importance. As a pregnant person, you are no longer eating for just yourself. 

You eat for two, three, or more depending on the number of babies you are pregnant with. Studies have shown that pregnant people who skip breakfast are more likely to go into premature labor.

After a long night of fasting, it is only ideal to start the day with a healthy bowl of food for the safety of both you and your growing baby. 

But as we well know, so much care and scrutiny is put into what a pregnant person eats. A lot of do’s and don’ts are involved concerning their diet. 

Some foods can be harmful to the baby’s health, because they either contain teratogenic chemicals or because they elicit physiological effects that could induce labor, cause constipation, or worse, lead to developmental issues in the fetus. 

Some foods advised for consumption during pregnancy include proteins like fish, vegetables and fruits, fibers, milk, and other foods rich in calcium and other minerals. 

These breakfast ideas are not just healthy and safe for you and your baby, they are also very easy to make. 

Spinach frittata

During pregnancy, it is particularly preferred that eggs are cooked to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius). This is because undercooked eggs could contain microorganisms that could harm the growing baby. This heating rule also applies to the spinach frittata since it contains eggs. 

Spinach is one good source of folic acid (an essential nutrient in the formation of blood). Having a moderate amount of this vegetable reduces the risk of birth defects. 

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French toast

French toast is a great breakfast idea because it comprises commonly used ingredients and is simple to make.  

The bread of choice for this meal is whole wheat bread. It is a much healthier choice than white flour bread. 

When preparing this, it is important to allow the bread to cook till browning. This ensures that the raw egg used to make the French toast is well-cooked and safe for pregnancy. 

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Avocado toast 

Another bread recipe. Again, whole wheat or, generally, wholegrain bread is preferred. Magnesium and potassium are two vital nutrients in pregnancy. Both can be found in an avocado. 

Avocados also help reduce gestational hypertension, that is, the hypertension associated with being pregnant. This, in turn, reduces the chances of problems like preeclampsia. 

Moreover, avocados make an excellent spread for bread.

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Baked beans 

Adding baked beans to your diet reduces the risk of your fetus being born with spinal cord defects. Slightly more iron is needed during pregnancy to increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of your blood. Baked beans, apart from containing folate, are also very rich in iron.

The NHS also affirms baked beans to be safe during pregnancy, containing a good amount of protein required for healthy growth of the baby and an overall healthy pregnancy period.

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Vegetable egg salad

Despite the concerns associated with consuming eggs during pregnancy, they remain a very healthy choice. The egg used for a vegetable egg salad is hard-boiled and safe to eat.

Vegetables are one of the foods pregnant people require to ensure a balanced diet. They are rich in nutrients and minerals. The right combination of vegetables will provide you with all the minerals and vitamins required for a healthy life. 

Any vegetable of choice is safe for a vegetable egg salad except for raw sprouts and radishes. 

This meal is better homemade than bought. Remember, the hygiene condition of what you eat is essential and twice as important during pregnancy. 

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Dairy products e.g. milk, yogurt, cheese.

If you are going to have any dairy product during pregnancy, ensure it is pasteurized. Some microorganisms can be found in unpasteurized dairy products, and unlike in healthy individuals whose immune systems may combat these microorganisms, an unborn baby may be fatally harmed by them. 

Milk, for example, is rich in calcium and other nutrients that support the growth of healthy bones and teeth, especially in growing babies. A cup of milk in the morning or a bowl of yogurt could work well for pregnant people who have hyperemesis (a condition of excessive vomiting during pregnancy). 

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Fruits Salad 

You may want to confirm this with your obstetrician. Not all fruits are safe for pregnancy. Depending on the trimester, some fruits could also be detrimental to the health of the unborn child. 

Fruits like pawpaw and grapes should be avoided. Apples, oranges, and bananas are preferred. However, during pregnancy, even too many of the right foods can be a dangerous choice. Having these fruits as a salad instead of a smoothie helps control portion size and ensure you eat a good mix of fruits.  

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Sometimes, what works for one person could be a problem for another. As healthy and safe as these breakfast options may seem, it is critical to double-check with your obstetrician to ensure the foods are safe for you. 

These breakfast ideas are not just limited to pregnant people. They are healthy and easy to make. If you’re out of options on what meal to start your day with, any of these meals will do.

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