6 Oven Baked Chicken Recipes to Try

It is Christmas season again and everyone is looking out for something special to cook for the family. Or maybe this holiday season is your only chance to try new recipes. Oven-baked dishes are always a good choice. 

Oven cooking is a stress-free and healthy way of cooking. It also ensures your food is yummy and will leave your guests asking for more. It even gets better when it is an oven-baked chicken meal. 

Before delving into the recipes, you should know what makes oven-baked meals stand out.

Oven-baked meals are usually lower in fat and oil content than their fried counterparts. Because less oil is needed for cooking in an oven, it makes it a healthier choice. The heat generated by the oven is sufficient to cook the food, even if it is as raw as chicken.

Oven cooking enhances the flavor of your meal and gives it a richer taste. The heat in the oven cooks the food from within, penetrating through the food without burning or overdrying it. 

Sometimes, through boiling or frying, nutrients are lost…but not with an oven. In proteinous foods like chicken, baking helps transform the proteins into forms that are easier to digest. It also preserves the nutritional value of the food when cooked at the right temperature for the right length of time. 

Comparatively, cooking with an oven gives your food that COSI (crunch outside, soft inside) consistency, which is perfect for foods like chicken. 

Spice up your home with these easy-to-make, sumptuous ovenbaked chicken recipes. Here are 6 oven-baked chicken recipes to try.

Chicken Tamale Pie  

The possibility of having leftover chicken is almost always zero. But it still happens sometimes that you find yourself having leftover chicken or chicken that is yet to be eaten (inserts wink). 

The chicken tamale pie is one delicacy you can make with leftover chicken. Don’t worry if you do not have leftover chicken. Shredded chicken breast also works great for this recipe. 

This dish doubles as a last-minute meal idea for a surprise visit or a yummy snack for hanging out with friends. It is a thin, crusty corncake layered with chicken, enchilada sauce, and cheese. Chicken tamale pie is an easy replacement for taco night. 

image 30

Oven-baked BBQ Chicken 

Barbecue chicken never tasted better. If you’re craving some homemade barbecue chicken but also dreading the flipping and time-consuming grilling process, oven baking is your escape. 

Oven-baked barbecue chicken is not only more convenient and safer for the environment, but it also helps to preserve the natural flavor of the chicken. 

With this recipe, you can enjoy barbecue chicken all year round without worrying about the weather. 

What makes this meal more loveable is its versatility. It works well as a side, appetizer, and even as a main course. 

P.S: Who doesn’t love barbecue?

image 28

Curry Chicken Pot Pie

Someone thought of how to make a more yummy version of chicken pot pie and came up with the curry chicken pot pie. This chicken potpie is different from the typical one. In this recipe, the crustier part of the pie is the topmost layer and the softer part is at the bottom. 

From prepping time to cooking time, this meal takes less than an hour to be ready.  

image 31

Bacon-wrapped chicken 

Bacon-wrapped chicken is one of those grand meals that would not require you to break the bank. It is convenient to make because it uses commonly used ingredients like cayenne pepper, paprika, and flour. All of these flavors come together to give a sweet and savory dish. 

If you’re worried about the health implications of this meal, having some fat in your diet is necessary for a balanced diet. Bacon-wrapped chicken is safe to eat, provided you are not having it as an everyday meal. The process of oven-cooking makes it less detrimental to your health. Nevertheless, it is better to have it as an occasional meal. 

Serving it as a side for mashed potatoes or boiled plantains is perfect. 

image 29

Hot chicken salad 

This meal is a delightful twist on the traditional chicken salad. It is called hot chicken salad because instead of serving the salad cold, the chicken is oven-baked and usually served while it is hot, like a casserole. 

It is easy to make and requires little to zero stress. After mixing all your ingredients, you have to put it in the oven for baking. The hot chicken salad works great for any and every occasion. 

This salad recipe is also good for your health since it is a low-calorie, high-fiber meal. It has a high protein content which makes it a great choice for a busy day, because it leaves you feeling full for a longer period, reducing the frequency of your hunger. 

image 27

Garlic Chicken 

Garlic is that one spice that makes everything taste better. The beauty of oven-cooking is that it ensures your food has a crispy, flavourful outside and a juicy inside. Not to mention that it is a healthy choice for chicken lovers. 

Many recipes indicate the use of butter. But olive oil or canola (rapeseed) oil is preferred for a healthier choice. 

The good thing about garlic chicken is that it is an excellent side for practically every meal, ranging from rice to potatoes. And you can’t stop at one piece 

image 26

Pro tip: adding brown sugar is the secret to making a delicious oven-baked chicken dish. Not only does it enhance the meal’s flavor, but it also gives it that brownish tone, which adds to the aesthetic look of the meal. 

Otherwise, you can substitute this with freshly squeezed lemon juice. The sweet and sour contrast of the chicken and the lemon makes it more lip-smacking. 

This festive season is especially a great time to try these recipes. But do not limit it to festivity alone. These easy meals could make for a grand dinner or a quick-fix lunch. 

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